[DAO:48b5171] Update #5 for proposal "Renewal Grant Support Squad 2023H2"

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5 Months have passed already! Besides our regular activities, we are excited to announce that our grants landing page is live, more than 45 welcome kits to the grants program have been shipped, and we have launched Public Notion Pages for our Grant Support Squad Manual of Operations and Testing Sessions to provide transparency on our activities. We have also made **building for SDK7 a requirement ** after a 3 step governance proposal, and updated the documentation accordingly.


Here is a status update on activities of month 5, along with the impact metrics on our proposal based on our three main goals.

Goal 1: Support the grantees

This month, we welcomed 3 new grantees, adding a total of 33 onboarded these 5 months. Besides, this month we are still working with 3 grantees from legacy (grants that passed before March the 1st 2023) and from those, 1 finished their grant during this month. We are working with 46 projects nowadays.

  • Support: We allocated a total of 130 hours to interact with grantees, and provide support during this month.

  • troubleshooting: This month we have identified 13 problems and requests from grantees, 8 were solved, and the others are being addressed by our team.

  • Promotion: This month we published an article about Soul Magic: A Bewitching P2E RPG in Decentraland.

  • Testing Tuesdays: We have opened a Public Notion Page of our Testing Sessions to provide transparency on the actions of this initiative. This month we had Dual Arena, VR Client, Dark Dungeons, and Virtual Land Manager grants. If you want to join future sessions, fill out this form, and we’ll contact you.

Goal 2: Foster transparency

  • We have made Formal Requests on grantees concerns public, to provide transparency on the concerns raised, the status of the process and arguments. This was implemented last month, and this month we have refined the tool.

  • Fresh from the oven, we have published our Grant Support Squad’s manual of operations in a public Notion Page. We are proud of having built a grants program with community input. After almost a year and a half analyzing and identifying needs, we have designed processes, with step-by-step guides on each of these activities to provide transparency on our work, and now we are publishing it as a contribution to Web3 grants ecosystems, open for others to use and remix as needed.

  • We are making public roadmaps with the main goal of opening our reviewing process. This month we have updated 33 public roadmaps with our grantees.

  • We’ve updated the GSS Public Roadmap.

  • We are always encouraging grantees to make their monthly updates, and you can check those out in the dAPP.

  • Every Monday the GSS is sharing the planned tasks for the week in our Discord Channel.

Goal 3: Guarantee an efficient use of the DAO treasury.

  • We analyzed 8 concerns from 3 grants, 5 are being analyzed and 3 grants were elevated to the Revocations Committee.
  • First Metaverse Architecture Biennale was revoked, recovering $66.630 DAI to the DAO treasury.

Please continue reading our highlights in the additional notes section



Next steps

  • Work on 6 month grant analysis as part of the last deliverables of our proposal, with impact metrics of the entire program, insights, and proposed next steps.

  • Upload governance proposal for budget distribution.

  • Landing page: Update landing page of grants program

  • Onboarding Marketing kit: gather addresses from our grantees, make shippings.

  • #TestingTuesdays will continue to be held, adapting changes as needed.

  • Promotions for grantees in the Decentraland Blog will continue to be produced.

  • Continue onboarding new grantees, assigning grant managers and analyze the feasibility of their roadmaps

  • Provide support to the current grantees with their problems and requests.

  • Analyze cases that raise concerns and elevate them to the revocations committee

  • Contribute to the DAO strategic planning

  • Support grantees for presenting in DAO Townhalls

  • Keep on building bridges between the Decentraland Foundation and our DAO community <3

Additional notes and links

Improvements to the Grants Program

We have created three proposals to make a better grants program based on community needs:

  • Landing Page: After a lot of work and anticipation, we have launched the decentraland Grants Landing Page!. This is an initiative with the main goal of helping grantees have all the information about the grants program in one place, and for prospect grantees to learn about the Decentraland grants program.
  • Onboarding kit: We have made the first shipping of +45 deliveries! If you are a grantee and are reading this, let us know when you receive it! <3
  • AGILE: We continue shaping up this implementation, reorganizing our meetings, roles and backlog that we’ll be testing during October.
  • Grantees Metrics: We are gathering impact metrics along with the grantees, in compliance to the new requirements of the grant program framework voted earlier this year. However, each grant and category has its own unique characteristics that we are addressing in order to improve them.
    It has been a great month! Thank you for reading and supporting our work. Please stay in touch with us via our Discord Channel.
    Constructive comments are always welcome :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Gia, Fifi, Pablo & Zino

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