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Should the following $20,000 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


100 Avatars Garden is a game that, like if it was a seasonal pass, will reward players by coming and playing every day they log in. Taking the base from the known open source project 100 Avatars by Polygonal Mind and present in other platforms like VRChat, Hyperfy, Oncyber and Spatial; we aim to bring a rewarding experience for new users and also the current community.

The game, aimed to player redemption and consecutive login in way to get interested in the platform. It will be using the SDK7 and deployed in an operated scene by Polygonal Mind.

It’s main benefit is to bring 100 different skins for free to the community that will allow them to have a unique take in their digital identity.

Grant size

20,000 USD in MANA

Project duration

1 month

Beneficiary address


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Experience Concept & Background

How to bring to the platform that has sufficient amount of gamified experiences and community events already something new, something unique, fun and furthermost - beneficial for all?

A game that’s sole goal is to bring the player into the platform for 100 days straight, giving something unique each time.

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The Avatar Garden is a space where users can check out and select their avatar of choice, because Decentraland requires a wearable to have a fee, we are looking to create a space that is still accessible, free and engaging but requires the user to engage actively with it to unlock them all.

The existing spaces, on VRChat, Hyperfy and Spatial have proven success on allowing users to have a wide range of options to choose from and have a more enjoying time with their unique identities across the spaces. You can also use them on MONA via VIPE and they are built-in characters from OnCyber.

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The collection currently holds 200 opensource avatars in VRM and FBX formats, they have been featured in TV, games and viral content. As we open the project again for an additional 100 avatars, we feel confident that introducing the first 100 in Decentraland it will get the benefit from being already known and used anywhere, encouraging the users to log-in to Decentraland to get them all.


What we are bringing has multiple benefits:

  • New gamified experiences to the community
  • An open source project code for everyone to expand and reuse
  • 100 unique skins in the Decentraland ecosystem
  • Additional awareness in the space with a brand that already exists outside Decentraland
  • Attraction of new users interested into collection
  • Requires engaging 100 days with the platform to get them all

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What a user will be able to experience:

  • Hang out spot for the community
  • Leader board per minigame to get competitive
  • Treasure Hunt minigame with changeable treasure locations
  • Shooting Range minigame
  • Parkour Challenge minigame

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A budget that benefits everyone

On the budget, we want to make sure that the financial part of this is well understood.

From the requested 20,000 USD, 10,000 USD is going back to DAO as that would be the submission fee for 100 skins (1 wearable submission cost is 100 USD so 10,000 USD).

The remaining requested is to cover development, environment, gameplay and systems and last but not least - marketing efforts for the event to be promoted.

Roadmap and milestones

Milestone 1/Week 1: Preparation of existing environment GLB - adapting 3D files, making layout on the land, adjusting lighting and textures

Milestone 2/ Week 1: Preparation and submission for review of the 100 avatar skins - ensuring current vrm files are within limits of Decentraland requirements, metadata and submission (it’s 100 avatars, it takes time)

Milestone 3/ Week 2: Avatar unlocking functionality development, mini game implementation - developers finalizing functionalities, implementing UIs, re-skinning mini games

Milestone 4/ Week4 : QA and launch - final iteration, wearable placement, marketing materials and social media comms launch

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Hey there guys, some additional info on the above that I believe is worth sharing:

Potential future steps

With enough interest and interaction with skins, we would be happy to do the same with the rest of the collection (Round 2 released on 2021 and Round 3 releasing this December).

As well, in the long term, we look forward to have Avatar Garden to be more gamified, similar to unlocking new avatars - time to time to unlock new mini-games.

Current Success Metrics

Avatar Garden was born on VRChat, leading the way to thousands of new users that required a custom avatar that could represent themselves. There, in 2 years, it has surpassed the 4 million visits, it has been favourited by 17,993 users and has an steady flow of 40-50 users any time of the day you join.


It took the leap to Hyperfy and Spatial during the first semester of 2023, granting the same benefits to users as the original one - in Spatial including a set of playable quests that made the space to be featured during weeks. There it has gained a 3,3k visits during its lifetime and it includes simple in-world monetization to make the unlocking of avatars more fun - and free!

How many pieces of content (i.e. number of events, scenes, or games) are you planning to produce under the duration of this Grant?

We are creating one scene with 2 events - launch event and celebrating 100 days with 100 avatars unlocked event. Development will include 100 skins, 4 functionalities - avatar unlocking, parkour game, treasure hunt and shooting game mechanics.

How many users do you expect to engage with this content?

We would like to have over 5,000 visits with at least 500 unique visitors during 100 days. Our numbers are based on 2023 event stats hence might sound like it’s small amount of people yet it is also the realistic numbers we can achieve and obviously looking forward to go way beyond these stats.

How are you going to measure the engagement with your content? (I.e. newly populated land, Active Users, Returning Users, Time on Scene)

  • Unique visitors
  • Number of visits
  • Retention rate
  • Skins claimed
  • Consistency of visits
  • Games played
  • Time spent

Can you make the 100 avatars as linked wearables?
Not sure if you have them as NFT elsewhere, else we can maybe do a linked wearables with nothing to link to (as linked wearables just relies on a server, it doesn’t actually need a smartcontract behind it)
It would also allow the game to have an unlimited amount of wearables.

I love this idea!!! We need more free and accessible options for new people who want to become a part of this community and still allow them to express themselves FREELY

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Hey there, that’s great idea indeed!

Unfortunately the first 200 avatars from the collection are ERC721 so they would only have 1 owner.
The tokens 201 to 300 will be 1155 and launched during December, so we could do it that way for those.

What do you mean with Linked wearables with nothing to link to? Not sure if I understand but happy to see what’s the best fit for these 100 avatar skins to be onboarded.

Innovation is what we support, and we will always support newcomers. We hope you can bring fresh energy to DCL, don’t let us down.

Polygonal Mind is one of the few large scale groups with professional modeling and development experience in the metaverse, their presence in both DCL and VRChat is well known and I am positive they will bring a high quality experience to any event.

$100 per day, and another $10k set aside for wearables submissions (linked or native) is clearly a viable price for a top-tier and well respected team.

Further more, this would be implementing ‘the avatar garden’ - a well known VRChat implementation with over 4M views, into DCL - I believe this presents a great opportunity to compare and contrast where the DCL engine could be further improved, or whether it’s ready to go up against VRChat in terms of its available system quality.

I hope that this comparison will highlight any further engine / platform development that might be required to meet the current industry level standard found in VRChat - and that the team at Polygonal Mind would help provide highly valuable feedback from this experience that can grow our engine/platform and SDK7 further.

100 Avatars Garden - a 100 day reward game

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100 Avatars Garden - a 100 day reward game

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