[DAO:37abab7] Recognition of Decentraland DAO's Support by Grant Recipients

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Proposal for Recognition of Decentraland in Future Grant Recipient Projects (POLL)


This Draft Proposal outlines the purpose and the process for adding specific requirements to future grantees, in order to foster Decentraland’s brand and Decentraland DAO’s awareness.


This proposal aims to add specific requirements to future Decentraland DAO grant agreements, for recipients to acknowledge the support of the Decentraland DAO. This would help raise awareness of Decentraland’s support for innovation and community initiatives, and enhance the platform’s reputation. Since there is a separation of Decentraland Foundation and Decentraland DAO, all mention of Decentraland is in regards to the DAO.


To enhance recognition and community confidence in Decentraland DAO, we propose that all future grant recipients prominently acknowledge the support they receive. This acknowledgment should be displayed on their websites, marketing materials, or other relevant platforms. Currently, only the Sponsorship category requires brand awareness.

We also recommend establishing an official social media account for community updates and marketing purposes. This will not only raise awareness of Decentraland’s role in supporting innovation but also enhance the platform’s visibility and reputation.

We suggest that these requirements be included in all future Decentraland grant agreements. While the choice of social media platforms—Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.—is at the grantee’s discretion, having an active official social media account is recommended. However, it’s mandatory for grantees receiving a Social Media grant.

Note: The recommendation for all grantees to have a social media account was suggested during the polling period. After input from the GSS, it was decided to make this a recommendation, not a requirement, except for those receiving Social Media grants.


By ‘prominent acknowledgment’, we mean clear, visible recognition of the support received from Decentraland DAO. This could take the form of at least 1 or more of the following:

  1. Website Acknowledgment:

    • Grant recipients must include a clearly visible acknowledgment of Decentraland DAO’s support on their project’s main website. This acknowledgment should consist of the Decentraland logo, a brief statement of support, and a link to the Decentraland website. To comply with Decentraland’s Terms of Use Policy all written materials relating to your product, including websites, publications, etc. it must be made clear that you do not have any kind of affiliation, business partnerships or other official association with Decentraland, the DAO or the Decentraland Foundation.

    For example:

“This project is generously supported by the Decentraland DAO. Visit [https://decentraland.org/] to learn more about their commitment to fostering innovation and creativity within the virtual world.”

  Note: This is only to acknowledge the support given from the Decentraland DAO.  

Refer to the Terms of Use policy: Decentraland

 * Another option would be to create a dedicated page on your project's website to acknowledge the support of the Decentraland DAO. This page can include:

 * Decentraland Logo: Display the Decentraland logo prominently at the top of the page. Per the terms of use, the only allowable logo can be found here: https://www.figma.com/file/pBiYuNALsSEFncGy3x6dIZ/DecentralandLogo?node-id=3162%3A117

 * Acknowledgment Statement: Include a statement expressing gratitude for the support received from the Decentraland DAO, e.g., "We are grateful for the generous support provided by the Decentraland DAO, which has been instrumental in the success of our project."

 * About Decentraland: Add a brief description of Decentraland and its mission, highlighting its commitment to fostering innovation, creativity, and community engagement within the virtual world.

 *  Link to Decentraland's Website: Provide a hyperlink to Decentraland's official website, encouraging visitors to learn more about the platform and its initiatives.

 * Visuals or Media: If applicable, showcase images or videos of your project that demonstrate the impact of Decentraland DAO's support, such as event photos, workshop materials, or other relevant content.

Either option would be considered sufficient acknowledgement.

The options under Marketing and Social Media will have to be viewed on the google doc as there is not enough space to the complete the full proposal here.

These will also be put in the first comment box so it will not be necessary to click a link for those that do not wish to.


By implementing these requirements for future grant recipients, we can ensure that Decentraland receives appropriate recognition for its contributions to the growth and development of the virtual world. This will not only benefit Decentraland’s visibility but also help foster a sense of community and collaboration among the various projects supported by the platform. The use of social media as a tool to support the Decentraland DAO and build community confidence will further strengthen the relationship between grant recipients and the Decentraland ecosystem.

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Great initiative!很支持!

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As stated for those that do not wish to c lick on the google document link is the continuation of the specification on Marketing, Social Media and Presentations.

  1. Marketing Materials:

All marketing materials related to the grant-supported project, including press releases, event materials, and promotional content, must feature the Decentraland logo and an acknowledgment of the grant. This can be included as a footnote, banner, or other appropriate formats.

To acknowledge the Decentraland DAO on marketing materials, you can follow these suggestions:

  • Brochures and Flyers: Include the Decentraland logo and a brief acknowledgment statement within the design. You can place it in a visible section or as a footer, e.g., "Supported by Decentraland DAO.

  • Social Media Graphics: When creating visuals for social media posts, incorporate the Decentraland logo and use appropriate hashtags like #DecentralandDAO or #DecentralandGrant to highlight the support.

  • Press Releases: In press releases about the project, mention the Decentraland DAO’s support within the body of the text, e.g., “This initiative has been made possible through the generous support of the Decentraland DAO.”

  • Email Campaigns: In newsletters or promotional emails, include a section or banner highlighting the Decentraland DAO’s support, along with the Decentraland logo and a link to their website.

  • Video Content: In promotional or educational videos, add the Decentraland logo in the intro or outro, along with a verbal acknowledgment or text overlay that credits the Decentraland DAO’s support.

  • Event Banners and Posters: For physical or virtual events, display banners or posters featuring the Decentraland logo and a statement acknowledging the Decentraland DAO’s support.

  • Presentations: Include a slide or mention in presentations, workshops, or webinars to acknowledge the Decentraland DAO’s support for the project

  • Blog Posts and Articles: In written content related to the project, mention the Decentraland DAO’s support within the text and, if possible, link to their website.

  1. Social Media and Public Announcements:
  • Grant recipients should acknowledge the Decentraland DAO’s support in any social media posts or public announcements related to the project. This can be done by tagging Decentraland’s official social media accounts and using appropriate hashtags (e.g., #DecentralandGrant). Additionally, grant recipients must create and maintain an official social media account for their project, which will be used to update the community, market their project, and support the Decentraland DAO.

Example: Notice on the profile information how the DAO is mentioned in the first picture and the tweet sent out in the second photo recognizes the DAO for it’s contribution.


  1. Project Presentations and Events:
  • If the grant-supported project involves any public presentations, workshops, or events, grant recipients must recognize Decentraland’s support during such activities. This can be done through verbal acknowledgment, displaying the Decentraland logo, or including a slide or banner acknowledging the grant in any presentations.

Reporting Requirements:

  • During the grant recipients regular progress reports to the GSS, they should include a summary of how the acknowledgment requirements have been met. This should include links to the website, copies of marketing materials, documentation of any events or presentations where Decentraland’s support was acknowledged, and a summary of the project’s social media activity.

Love this proposal. 1E always looking at the future and growth of DCL. I tried to vote, but ti kept failing, i will try again tomorrow.

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@Luvlee17 you still may not be able to. I created this before you received your SHINY NEW DCL NAME, congrats. At the time a proposal is created your VP is determined at the precise time. Any proposal going forward however, you should have 100 VP to start voting and help direct the path of DCL.

Very good proposal @Existential14, go ahead!

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Recognition of Decentraland DAO’s Support by Grant Recipients

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 87% 4,446,712 VP (98 votes)
  • No 1% 405 VP (1 votes)
  • Abstain 12% 652,539 VP (5 votes)