[DAO:36c92e8] Update #3 for proposal "Innkeeper.eth - Operations and Cross-Reality Party Upgrades"

Author: 0xddf4da877d64c694ac69175feedb19a2591f7d7f
Update Status: On Time
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


Greetings from the Inn! The ship is running smoothly!

At a glance this update includes:

  • Stats from January Events (+9 more events than promised!)
  • New Venue update
  • 2nd vesting release from DAO
  • Payments for events (dec & jan), marketing, and camera reimbursement


New Venue

This Feb, we launched a fresh redesign of the Inn! Inspired by a mix of fantasy and future/retro. Here’s a highlight video from community videographer xKronosx. This is our 2nd venue update.

Jan Stats


  • 16 (7 + 9 bonus) Digital Events: 328 Total Attendees (138 new)
  • 1 IRL/DCL Events: 70 Total Attendees (31 Digital/39 IRL)
  • Total Attendance: 398
  • Total New Users: 138 new via Digital, 39 attendees IRL
Digital Events
Date Artist Attendance New (in past 60 days)
Jan 1 (bonus) PizzaJams 8 4
Jan 2 DR PHI 24 6
Jan 4 Gad VR SHOW 14 2
Jan 8 (bonus) DJ Rabbit 27 13
Jan 9 SAMUSE 27 4
Jan 11 Gokhan 28 10
Jan 12 (bonus) DJ Rabbit 23 14
Jan 15 (bonus) DJ Rabbit 13 6
Jan 16 Vince MG 33 12
Jan 19 (bonus) DJ Rabbit 14 11
Jan 22 (bonus) DJ Rabbit 12 9
Jan 23 Manmara 35 14
Jan 25 MA GAK PA 17 5
Jan 26 (bonus) DJ Rabbit 7 9
Jan 29 (bonus) DJ Rabbit 13 9
Jan 30 Mihail Petrovski 33 10

IRL Events

Date Artist Digital Attendance IRL Attendance Total Attendance
Jan 18 DJ Denzo - youtube link 31(13 new) 39 70


Seperate from our dao stipulated and paid events, Pizzajam performed on New Years and DJ Rabbit started performing on Monday and Fridays.


Our grant deliverable stipulates 2 cross-reality events in January but unfortunately our venue wasn’t available for events for the first half of the month. Thus we’ll be making up this event in April (our grant deliverables end in March, but grant vesting continues for 2 months after)


Progress on previous blockers

Here’s updates on blockers that we posted last milestone, and how we went about them.

Artists struggle getting friends in party
We’ve spent more time educating our artist friends how to get their friends to join the party. Our previous update showed the PDF for our artists to share via whatsapp to their friends to jump in. This has helped increase the amount of new participants to to the inn this month.

In our previous update we mentioned one strategy was to offer more shows through the week. These bonus shows are in addition to our grant obligations (not paid) to help find new audience members outside our normal Tues/Thurs slots. So far this has been successful and additionally adding to the amount of new people partying in the Inn

Next steps

We have just secured the date for our large grand finale IRL/DCL event for April 6th! Check out some of the highlights from the last time we did this!

We’ll be making some announcements in the near future coming up about this. If your in Amsterdam or nearby we’d love to see you!

Additional notes and links

Payment Line Items

Line Item Amount Address Payout Tx
October Marketing 200 grins.eth a
November Marketing 200 grins.eth a
December Marketing 50 grins.eth c
December Marketing 150 Amar from Zhest c
Stream Upgrades: Camera 1300 DR PHI b


  • For Oct-November, Grins handled all the content creation and posting.
  • Starting in Dec, Amar from Zhest designed all the event posters (including static images for posting on DCL events and videos for uploading to twitter and instagram). Then Grins did the posting across channels.


December Paid Events

Date Artist Address Payout Tx
Dec 5 Vince MG 0x8EE588b51660403d44d713786C4c87D2Ea41aFd3 c
Dec 7 Teya Flow 0x2605c70F87d3A188d42688f55fB576540435C65A a
Dec 12 Zoorab 0xc3d6B3189CB174304Fab74565A59bbE51412D20C a
Dec 14 D-noise 0xA59C5A5Ca452e7cd86aFA6D25d608C689fbec43A a
Dec 19 Hugo Cantarra 0x64a176b140E7126A6be55A50bE373d9430877CE9 c
Dec 21 Silven waiting for address (will pay next release)
Dec 26 Kasper 0x2eA13FCBDcB6324c357dB1F7915F9C25007A7E09 a
Dec 28 Topu 0x9D0B9ED72317F02C3F161b82ed28Ea785f3A5FE2 a

Jan Paid Events

Date Artist Address Payout Tx
Jan 2 DR PHI 0xFfffaAB1e971dd0C2EEE7Aa9b5Ef4582577b1f7f a
Jan 4 Gad PatchWorld 0x6997A92016E7fC2657040D27B5657D3f73d1eEE3 a
Jan 9 SAMUSE 0x7099a1Da2169eD7C56Ba1b4d3F0DeD2175ea2E92 a
Jan 11 Gokhan 0xf14ad548c8ffdc754173ef62c8e2ff8e1c7c2b85 a
Jan 16 Vince MG 0x8EE588b51660403d44d713786C4c87D2Ea41aFd3 b
Jan 18 Denzo 0xAfdeD05b8324a10B56606339662D9e9ac20D33f4 b
Jan 23 Manmara 0x936cCE593E132249c2C01ba6f784adB1711f2391 (will pay next release)
Jan 25 MA GAK PA 0xCDE8fba9E91Bc26aEA2cfA3d8311Ca2F5c194Eb0 (will pay next release)
Jan 30 Mihail 0xB9D9df4E15FF19fd9a6A945451f0eB183d91f8e0 b


Gokhan gave a bitvavo wallet which was unable to use the polygon dai sent to it.

Grins paid out of pocket to new metamask/polygon-compatible wallet,

In response and to prevent future wallet issues, Grins added a new section to the backstage website for artists to confirm the wallet address they give us. Thus they will not be able to confirm if they don’t own the address to sign with, catching these ethereum/L2 onboarding issues before we send dao funds.

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