[DAO:3d65ea1] Update #6 for proposal "Innkeeper.eth - Operations and Cross-Reality Party Upgrades"

Author: 0xddf4da877d64c694ac69175feedb19a2591f7d7f
Update Status: On Time
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


Greetings from the Inn! We’ve now reached the end of our budget for paid shows (paid show budget was between Oct-March). Thus the remaining grant payments will be paying out the remaining administration costs. Despite this, we still have shows every Tues/Thurs! We’re still going strong despite now being on our own again.


The budget has run out for paid shows, as our budget was for October - March. Yet despite this, we’ve still held events all month long thanks to our amazing artists turning out!

Also, as stated in a previous update, we had our grant grand finale in April (on the 6th). View the full event here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywy__LoUxpY&t=896s

Digital Events
Date Artist
Apr 2 David Bothof
Apr 4 Teya Flow
Apr 16 DJ Rabbit
Apr 18 Radyica
Apr 23 Zoorab
Apr 30 Voroth

IRL Events

Date Artist
Apr 6 Grant Grand Finale
Apr 11 Sipi
Apr 25 Shankee Po

Check out the stats on: https://backstage.innkeeper.link/events to see attendance stats.


No more blockers to our obligations, yet we’re still hosting shows and looking for opportunities to grow our audience!

Next steps

We’ve been negotiating with various groups in Amsterdam to see if we can seize the festival season. Our greatest aspiration would be to stream a festival over the next few months.

Additional notes and links

Here’s the following recipients of our grant funds this cycle. This covers administration, remaining artist payments for march, and the grand finale event.

Feb Marketing

Who Amount Address
Grins 50 0xDDF4da877d64C694ac69175FEEdB19a2591F7d7F
Zhest 150 0x1771e483Fc81A4a35Fb659F18E75A55e8Af0CDe8

Mar Marketing

Who Amount Address
Grins 50 0xDDF4da877d64C694ac69175FEEdB19a2591F7d7F
Zhest 150 0x1771e483Fc81A4a35Fb659F18E75A55e8Af0CDe8

March Paid Events

Date Artist Address
Mar 14 Tuzi 0x66E613d0fB5C916f6E8c0d969E72f7008ff996f5
Mar 19 Skogur 0x20dCF905975F7A3253f9a2eC28e2151B137Be3d4
Mar 21 Wayfurys 0x3f8789B4d57083E0E13e007Bc69DDf51386c07A0
Mar 26 Kosmodrom 0xa5BCc94557FE71465CF4B77A1e1633cC36684097
Mar 28 Prabuddha 0x9f4cB148b5140b5F76B5fe7D21bfE177013960bf

Grand Finale

Role Who Amount Address
Promotion Roberto 300 0x2117f268c767749F19D349a8eAC6670801385d4A
Drinks Roberto 455 0x2117f268c767749F19D349a8eAC6670801385d4A
Artist Phy Defy 200 0xAFD3Bd0Af17FbA66722bbd72CE1192299065c95b
Artist Miwel 200 0x63687A8fcf3FaaA8717526112721ba0704100c8E
Artist Tim 200 0x220F622C618D53EAD665280D62BC15Be19B32CD6
Artist KenTone 200 0x116893F3925Eebd1720C2a26442830F4fc2713a9
Artist DrPhi 200 0xFfffaAB1e971dd0C2EEE7Aa9b5Ef4582577b1f7f
Venue Space DrPhi 200 0xFfffaAB1e971dd0C2EEE7Aa9b5Ef4582577b1f7f
Speaker Rental DrPhi 600 0xFfffaAB1e971dd0C2EEE7Aa9b5Ef4582577b1f7f
Lights Rental DrPhi 500 0xFfffaAB1e971dd0C2EEE7Aa9b5Ef4582577b1f7f

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