[DAO:369107c] Should inactive Wearable Curators be removed?

by 0x8b889fa9acee860ca30d58879c4dc12d872bb6a9 (AhmadH)

As an active and engaged member of our community, I am writing to propose an important update to the Decentraland Wearable Curation Committee.

The Wearable Curation Committee plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality and diversity of wearables available in our metaverse. However, it has come to our attention that some of the committee members have left Decentraland or have become inactive.

To ensure the continued success and relevance of the Wearable Curation Committee, I propose the following steps:

Removing Inactive Members:
As a community, we should appreciate and acknowledge the contributions of all members who have been part of the committee in the past. However, it is essential to maintain an active and vibrant committee to fulfill its responsibilities effectively. Therefore, we propose to remove inactive members from the committee.

Call for New Members:
With the departure of inactive members, we will open seats for new passionate and enthusiastic individuals to join the Wearable Curation Committee. These new members should have a genuine interest in fostering creativity, promoting diversity, and ensuring high-quality wearables in Decentraland.

Regular Evaluations:
Moving forward, we should establish a regular evaluation process for committee members to ensure that all participants remain actively engaged in their duties. This evaluation will help us identify and address any potential future issues of inactivity.

Please share your thoughts and support!!

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How many of these curators are actively working on the Wearable Curation Committee?

Can those who are active please like this comment or comment below letting the community know you are still actively curating wearables for DCL?

It may be a good idea to know how many wearable submissions are coming through on average as well. Perhaps the size of the curation is too large or too small currenty. If there is anyway to get an average wait time, that may be helpful to know as well. I can honestly say that within 24hrs (usually less) has been my experience.

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I do not think its a good idea to remove curators. I agree with @Existential14 more curators only increases the flow of wearable approval. I remember waiting 2+ weeks for approval would hate to go back to that. Curators are only paid by the amount of wearables they review so dont see a pro to removing them. open to adding new ones


@ginoct made it clear to me that 15 is the current cap.

This prop is also not how you remove them.

Hi! Thanks for your interest in this proposal!
The current limit of how many wearable curators we can have is limited on 15, That’s why removing the inactive ones is the only possible way to allow more active members of community to take part in wearable curation.
This proposal is to get the community’s thoughts. As a community we will have to decide on what is going to be the definition of being inactive and which members come in that category but thats not the concern of this proposal

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Could make a prop to add 10 seats.


not a bad idea…

would be nice to know if all 15 curators are actively holding their seats before we propose an idea like that don’t you think?

i think that’s why this proposal was made, to get an idea of who is still active or not and then see if the inactive seats can be replaced by others willing to put the time in to curate NFTs for DCL.

i agree with you on the flow of NFT wearable approvals being a lot worse back in the day when the curation committee was smaller… we are going to start heading back into those days if we allow inactive curators to hold seats while other curators take on the extra work. Why not make sure we have ACTIVE 15 members apart of the curation committee? This proposal isn’t to remove all curators, this proposal is asking should we remove the inactive members to allow more curators to make proposals in the hiring category. As of now, no one can apply to the committee since it is full…

You know that data already exists and doesn’t require a poll, right?

where can one find it? i personally didn’t know, please share

If there are curators that are inactive, and there are community members that would like to participate in curating wearables… I don’t see why not. Why hold seats just to be dormant when there are active users who would love to be in those seats?


Exactly, I feel like if we keep adding without removing the inactive ones or having an automated process to remove inactive curators. We will eventually end up with a lot of curators and at some point we will not be able to add more
Lets say you add 10 now and they also get inactive by next year

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You’re gonna have to ask HP or someone who knows how to find and extract data

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There should not be any seats limit for the Wearable Curators, therefore no need to remove currently inactive members.
The 15 limit is an arbitrary limit that can be change on a single line here: https://github.com/Decentraland-DAO/transparency/blob/main/src/entities/Teams.ts#L84
You can find all curations here, feel free to do your own stats to know who is active or not: All curations - Google Sheets

Are you sure this doesn’t require a vote? If not, wanna change it?

Pretty sure that there was never a limit voted on.

Does that mean we need to make a proposal to change that single line that limits to 15?
What is preferable to do right now?

Lots of ideas that still apply here since this was already discussed in a way:

The document this links to just says " a group of at least 3 individuals

Seems that we just need someone to remove the arbitrary limit placed by the dev who coded it.

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