[DAO:369107c] Should inactive Wearable Curators be removed?

The objective of this proposal is to open door to more curators, I think there is confusion on how we are gonna do it but most of us agree there should be more curators specially when many are not there practically. Removing them was the simplest approach i could think of since i was told there is a 15 members cap. Excited to see how this problem gets solved

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As of right now taking into account the amount of wearable submissions the problem is actually the opposite. There are hardly any curations for the curators to do. There are many curators that are inactive for that reason and we are looking for ways to do an even distribution so that at least all of us can curate an even/small amount of wearables. Adding more curators would only cause issues in my opinion since there are curators active at every time zone and hardly any wearables published (2-3 collections a day or less) so it really wouldn’t make sense to add more curators since like mentioned- curation has evolved from ‘demand - supply’ of curators.

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Is there any data available from which we can see how many collections each curator reviewed in the last 30 days, I think that will really help

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Yes, HP provided that above on his last link

That data is 100% wrong and shows almost 3x the numbers :slightly_smiling_face:

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In all this back and forth I just see one big piece missing…has anyone actually just…reached out and talked with the inactive members? Maybe some of them have moved on and would love their name to be removed from this list. Basic communication seems like step 1 here.


i mistaked and thought it was $ but it was mana thats why i deleted the message here
I apologize if it caused any confusion!


I believe we are all here to gain experience and serve DCL, That’s why I support the idea of term-limited positions, allowing other leaders, visionaries, developers, and creators a chance to contribute to the community. In my opinion, this approach is healthy for rotating the position and bringing in fresh perspectives.

@Canessa brings up a really good point… have we heard from each curator? Should we decide wether to remove each one individually? If they are inactive because there are not many wearables to review then that does not seem like a good enough reason to let them go.

@Yannakis hat’s kind of what I wondered. I notice when new wearables come out and there’s been at least a week at times with nothing. Possibly longer. Thank you for sharing that @Yannakis. Also like I said, I’ve had interactions with a few of the curators over the past several months and most of the time there is a response in 24hrs or less. Only exception would have been around MVFW. Appreciate the curators.

I would like to say though, if ever any do become idle and causes back up just be sure to let the DAO know so they can replace them if they have just stopped and did not inform of their intent to quit, I guess.

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After talking with community members, I’m supporting this proposal to take it to the next stage. Can we please talk with the members before the next draft is composed, and find out directly from them whether they would like to remain on the committee, or if they would like to step aside and create opportunities for more active members. No blindsides, let’s open lines of communication and see where they stand.

There is no need to remove currently not active members to get free seats for new vurators as there never was a limit voted on, so there is still an unlimited amount of free seats opened, we just need to GovSquad to change a single line in a file to allow proposals to be sent.

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Should inactive Wearable Curators be removed?

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 72% 4,027,744 VP (56 votes)
  • No 1% 4 VP (4 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 27% 1,561,337 VP (31 votes)

Should inactive Wearable Curators be removed?

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