[DAO:33c5b19] PuppetIra: Fusing Puppetry Art with Digital Innovation in Decentraland

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Should the following $100,000 grant in the Accelerator category be approved?


PuppetIra fuses traditional puppetry with Decentraland’s digital landscape, crafting a vibrant 3D hub for artists. We’re creating interactive space with unique NFT collections, and workshops to both preserve this ancient art form and encourage puppeteers. Spearheaded by the esteemed puppeteer Irina Baranovskaya, alongside Igor Gozman, and supported by tech and project management experts, our initiative aims to enhance Decentraland’s cultural scene and open new avenues for creative expression.

Grant size

100,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


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The PuppetIra project ambitiously aims to merge the ancient art of puppetry with the digital frontier of Decentraland, creating a vibrant 3D space for art exhibitions, interactive NFTs, and educational workshops. This initiative stands at the crossroads of cultural preservation and digital innovation, ensuring the timeless craft of puppetry thrives in the metaverse.

Why PuppetIra Deserves Funding:

Cultural Preservation: PuppetIra digitizes puppetry, safeguarding this art form for future generations. By bringing puppetry into Decentraland, we ensure its preservation and adapt it for the digital age.

Educational Outreach: Through workshops on puppetry, 3D modeling, and blockchain technology, PuppetIra fills a crucial educational gap in Decentraland. These programs aim to attract a diverse audience, fostering a community keen on learning and creativity.

Community Engagement: PuppetIra will cultivate a dedicated community within Decentraland, enhancing user engagement through unique content like live performances and interactive exhibitions. This initiative promises to enrich the Decentraland experience, boosting user retention.

Technological Innovation: The project will leverage advanced 3D modeling and photogrammetry, setting new standards for NFT creation in Decentraland. This technological leap will inspire further innovation across the platform.

Team Expertise:

The PuppetIra team combines the artistic prowess of Irina Baranovskaya and Igor Gozman, founders of PuppetART, with the technological expertise of Karnei Gozman and the project management skills of Polina Gozman. This unique blend of talent ensures the project’s success. Igor’s extensive background in performance art and community engagement, alongside Irina’s puppetry expertise, provides a solid foundation for PuppetIra’s cultural and educational goals.

Benefits to Decentraland:

Cultural Depth: Introducing puppetry to Decentraland enriches the platform’s cultural landscape, attracting a broader audience.
Skill Development: The project’s educational offerings will equip users with valuable skills, enhancing their engagement with the digital art world.
Innovation: PuppetIra’s approach to digitizing traditional art forms will inspire other creators, driving technological advancement within Decentraland.
In essence, funding PuppetIra is an investment in the cultural, educational, and technological enrichment of Decentraland. The project not only aims to preserve and innovate the art of puppetry but also to foster a learning community and inspire future digital artistry, making it an ideal candidate for Decentraland DAO’s support.

Roadmap and milestones

PuppetIra Project Roadmap & Milestones

Months 1-2: Planning & Design
Finalize PuppetIra’s concept and initiate design for the Decentraland 3D space.
Launch community outreach via social media and Decentraland forums.

Months 3-4: Development Phase**
Develop the first series of puppetry-themed NFTs and continue crafting the interactive 3D space.
Start creating workshop materials focused on puppetry and digital arts.

Months 5-6: Launch & Initial Engagement
Conduct final testing and officially launch PuppetIra with an inaugural event.
Kickstart a targeted marketing campaign to draw initial users.

Months 7-9: Community Growth
Host monthly educational workshops and interactive exhibitions.
Foster community engagement, collecting feedback for improvements.

Months 10-12: Evaluation & Expansion
Assess project impact, focusing on engagement metrics and NFT interaction.
Plan for the expansion of the PuppetIra space based on user feedback.
Ongoing: Development & Reporting

Regularly release new NFTs and update workshop content.
Maintain continuous marketing efforts to expand the PuppetIra community.
Reporting Milestones:

After Launch: Share a comprehensive launch report on our website and Decentraland’s digital store, detailing initial user engagement and feedback.

Bi-monthly Updates: Every two months, post detailed progress reports highlighting new NFT releases, workshop outcomes, and community growth metrics.

Annual Review: At the end of the year, publish an in-depth analysis of achievements, lessons learned, and future plans. This will include user engagement statistics, educational impact, and technological advancements.

Each reporting milestone will be shared through PuppetIra’s dedicated website and announced in Decentraland’s digital store and forums, ensuring transparency and community involvement.

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You guys don’t keep up with the DAO much, I’m guessing.

What do you mean, tell me more?

This is my first ever proposal, I welcome critical feedback, let me know guys.

The objective of this funding, within the accelerator category, is to establish a studio equipped for photogrammetry scanning using Luma.ai technology, alongside a workspace dedicated to 3D production. This initiative aims to launch a business centered on community support, crafting a virtual space that seamlessly integrates a storefront into Decentraland. This venture will facilitate commerce in MANA, DAI, and USD, thereby fostering a vibrant marketplace that bridges digital and physical realms, enhancing the economic ecosystem within Decentraland.

Hello, what @Banned is referring to is most likely this:
Freeze All non-Platform Grant Spending (decentraland.org)

This is an on-platform technical capability that will improve photogrammetry captures for Decentraland.


“Platform Grant” refers to the specific category as defined in the following documentation

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Additional information and sample assets available at http://puppetira.detroitweb.net/

Is there anyway to petition the Facilitation Squad for a conveyence? I think this as an on-platform accelerator that has potential to bring busses of new people onto the Decentraland platform

PuppetIra: Fusing Puppetry Art with Digital Innovation in Decentraland

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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