[DAO:2e03eba] StoneyEye Studios - Music & Art Growth and Self-Sustainability

by 0x082f2a8ea1d8e3ee24c20d12452b7e851ad0d5dd (StoneyEye)

Should the following $60,000 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


Since March, 2021, musician/producer/DJ, Stoney, along with StoneyEye Studios, has contributed greatly to the growing ecosystem of metaverse music, almost exclusively in Decentraland (DCL). Those contributions include some of the largest weekly gatherings in DCL, serving as an entry point for many metaverse music fans, and writing the blueprint for dozens of artists and DJs to follow. A grant from the Decentraland DAO will help StoneyEye develop greater opportunities in the art and music spaces of DCL, while also bringing additional web2 producers and musicians into Decentraland. These efforts will be conducted with the goal of increasing new users in DCL and improving user retention.

Grant size

60,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Stoney’s ability to engage with DCL audiences results in an environment that has become synonymous with Decentraland performances–quality music combined with social engagement, both in-world and on social platforms. The rapid growth of music communities in DCL can be traced from his first residency at Parcel Party, which became a must-attend weekly event for many users. Beginning in November, 2021, a Stoney event has been on the calendar nearly every week, including the addition of MoFyah Mondays at the TRU Band Room and MoBeatz every-other Sunday. During a period with decreased attendance across much of Decentraland, Stoney has continued to generate good-sized audiences, which benefits other DCL projects and creators by creating a reliable, consistent pathway into DCL for new users.

Prior to his time in Decentraland, Stoney began his career as a successful recording/touring musician and producer, sharing the stage with numerous A-list acts. His experience in the greater world of music provides an invaluable education for independent musicians entering web3. The melding of art, music, social content, and community engagement is what creates the unique environment of DCL music. In addition to presenting his own music, Stoney has collaborated with several other musicians and DJs in the space, furthering the strength of bond in metaverse music. As brands and investors look to Decentraland as a viable platform for messaging and events, the community fostered by DCL musicians becomes even more important by providing consistent engagement opportunities.

In addition to music, Stoney also contributes to visual arts and design in Decentraland. He is a prolific artist and wearable creator, who consistently contributes forward-thinking designs to help highlight DCL. His hand-drawn art has appeared on dozens of event attendance tokens, increasing the value proposition of attending his shows. Late last year, Stoney began MoBeatz, an interactive event, during which a piece of music is created live. In collaboration with DCL community members, these “beats” are minted and airdropped to all attendees. This innovative approach to user engagement provides an opportunity to engage with prominent music producers, which again provides a compelling reason for new users to enter Decentraland.

Funding from the Decentraland DAO will help establish the framework for artist self-sufficiency in the metaverse. In addition to upgrading equipment, building a long-term social engagement events strategy, this grant will build on the existing mentorship opportunities already provided by Stoney. This education will bring more musicians, artists, and producers to DCL, increasing attendance and showcasing the strength of community.

https://twitter.com/RoadRunner778/status/1658561199846600704 TRU Band Room- Mo Fyah Monday
https://twitter.com/fermion_dcl_eth/status/1516926795945283584 Parcel Party- Magic Hour
https://twitter.com/RoadRunner778/status/1622575622852866049 Mo Beatz
Decentraland Metazoo Club Nights 100 Party March 10 2023 - YouTube Metazoo

Note- This proposal is for one year’s worth of work in 6 months of payment

Roadmap and milestones

Scheduled Events:
August 2023: 4 MoFyah events at TRU, and 2 MoBeatz events at Stoney Eye Studios
September 2023: 4 MoFyah events at TRU, and 2 MoBeatz events at Stoney Eye Studios
October 2023: 5 MoFyah events at TRU, and 2 MoBeatz events at Stoney Eye Studios
November 2023: 4 MoFyah events at TRU, and 2 MoBeatz events at Stoney Eye Studios
December 2023: 4 MoFyah events at TRU, and 2 MoBeatz events at Stoney Eye Studios
January 2024: 5 MoFyah events at TRU, and 2 MoBeatz events at Stoney Eye Studios
February 2024: 4 MoFyah events at TRU, and 2 MoBeatz events at Stoney Eye Studios
March 2024: 4 MoFyah events at TRU, and 3 MoBeatz events at Stoney Eye Studios
April 2024: 5 MoFyah events at TRU, and 2 MoBeatz events at Stoney Eye Studios
May 2024: 4 MoFyah events at TRU, and 2 MoBeatz events at Stoney Eye Studios
June 2024: 4 MoFyah events at TRU, and 3 MoBeatz events at Stoney Eye Studios
July 2024: 5 MoFyah events at TRU, and 2 MoBeatz events at Stoney Eye Studios

Every Monday at TRU Band Room for MoFyah. Every other Sunday at Stoney Eye Studios for Mo Beatz, and once a month at DG

This does not include satellite events done throughout the year. (ie. festivals, community collaborations, one-off parties at venues in the DCL Community)

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Stoney is an incredible leader and has contributed so much in this space. Easy yes from me!


Stoney has shown his dedication to the DCL space time and time again. He has brought great value to the community over the past couple of years and has demonstrated his passion for making DCL a better place.LFG Stoney!


Easy Yes! Anybody who’s given as much to DCL over the last 2+ years deserves more than he’s even asking for. Give Stoney what he needs.


There are so many things I can say, all overwhelmingly positive about knowing and working with Stoney over the last couple of years. His generosity extends beyond Decentraland and the platform/community wouldn’t be what it is without him. He has added a remarkable amount of value to the space and supported so many creators over the years. Easy yes from me! <3

Bless up, Stoney!


It should probably be one year of payment then, no?


6k audience for 60k USD asked

@Kyllian TY for taking the time to look over my proposal. As for the money over 6mo instead of the year, my thought was to be able to upgrade equipment and make sure that I have the money to do things that need to be done instead of having to wait and put it aside. As far as the 6000 people to be reached I was trying to be realistic to the current state of DCL and not just put a number that sounds impressive.

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easy YES from me. I been attending @StoneyEye concerts for years in Decentraland and he has even preformed some of our Waifumon events too. He is a legend and great guitar solos!


Hes been putting on shows for years for free. Maybe its time give back and allow him to keep doing what he and the people love via grant. Easy fn yes

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with all due respect…what do you vote yes on? What do you consider proposals/grants good enough in your favor to get your vote? I’m not trying to be rude, but shit. Stoney has been a DCL staple for over 2 years. He’s obviously a boon to DCL. come on man

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Yes one hundred times yes! This shoud actually be back pay for all the shows he and his whole family: soultry, lil stoney, have already brought to DCL. If you’ve been around for awhile then you know. Stoney & Soultry have done so much for this community, they are more than deserving of this grant, because this is exactly what DCL needs. XOXO

TRU already got 120k USD 4 months ago, now this proposal is asking for 60k USD to fund in-part TRU again.
I also think that being musician/producer/DJ, there would be other way to make money then asking for public grants, like for example, making music and selling it?

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Would like to have clarification on what HPrivakos mentioned above before deciding my vote.

How about ask why mother fuckers got a problem spending money thats set aside for content creators. Why people have a issue giving dao funds to people with track records providing community experiences. People who have been doing it for years on thier own dime. Better yet ask yourself who the fuck is advertising this platform your investing time and money in. What would it be without the very person asking for the grant. Or just vote no and bitch and moan like HP. I personally cant remember the last time he did a wearable give away. hosted a stream. Played some music. Hung out in world with the masses. Maybe he was on a different name tho.

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First and foremost I really want to thank the Community for all your support on this and all the support you give week after week at Stoney’s live events. This grant will help Stoney take things to another level with what he would like to build with MoBeatz. Regardless of wether this grant passes or not he will continue to show up for this community because he loves you all and enjoys the energy exchange via his live shows that you all share. As far as Kyllian comment about other ways to make money (selling music) of course there are ways for Dj’s/musicians to make money off their craft and outside of DCL yes this is his main means of survival which is becoming harder and harder by living here in Southern California. Regarding TRU’s grant this is completely separate from theirs which was for (Venue Management not Artist Payments) and Shelley and her team with all their hard work every single day deserved that and more. If you take some of the key Musicians/Dj’s out of DCL and some of the key venues TRU, Dollhouse out of DCL it would lose the very fabric that is helping keep it alive. Yes there could be Dj’s that come and play at various venues but they aren’t a part of the community they don’t even engage with the community so it is a very different experience then what the core musicians and Dj’s bring to this space. If you look at the yes votes these are the people that are within the community who participate and engage in the events that take place. They understand the value that Stoney brings I wish you could see this as well and give your support here on this. Either way wether you support this proposal or not please come and enjoy the live events from the community from time to time so maybe in time your perspective will change on wether or not to support the music scene here. Much Love<3

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@HPrivakos @3Point1Four
Blessings. This is definitely not more funding for TRU. TRU just happens to be where my weekly event is right now. It’s pretty common in this space to have projects and people that overlap and work together. Like many other musicians I am extremely grateful to have the Band Room to perform at. I have dedicated over 2 years of my time now to building the DCL community through putting on weekly free events and while I have made some money in the last year or so. It’s definitely hardly anything compared to the time and resources put into it. While it’s true there are ways to make money as a musician the same could be said about Dev’s, 3D modelers, or any other skill it takes to build this community. Yet we still need the grant program in place. It’s not always as easy as just having the skill set to do something. My main reason for this grant is to help build my interactive beat making experience MoBeatz which isn’t at TRU, and bring in more web2 musicians in hopes they can discover what an amazing community/platform we have and to share that with their following. I would really like to push even harder and take things to the next level in the next year and this would give me the resources to do so.


In 2021 I was selling off all my lands because I was getting out of Decentraland. But one night I stumbled upon Stoney playing the only type of music that sings to my soul: reggae. I couldn’t believe that I could hear my favorite songs in the metaverse as a mermaid. So, I stuck around a little longer. I 100% would not be here today if Stoney wasn’t playing his music.

MoBeatz is a different type of venue, one where the listeners are included in the process. Stoney brings something different to Decentraland and I look forward to what he will create next.


There isn’t anything wrong in asking questions before giving out grants. Checks and balances have to be present for all grantees regardless of whether they are established or not. Since we don’t have a centralised unit to do it, it’s the community’s responsibility to ask questions.

And you are technically wrong. The vesting contract vests MANA, not USD. This MANA is sold to the open market to people like you and I, and whales of course, so yes we directly fund all these proposals, so everyone who is a member, has the right to ask questions.

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Thanks for clarifying. As a spouse to an NFT artist I can understand where you are coming from. Talent can only get you so far. I believe the community should support creators, and creators have the responsibility to ensure that one’s work can self sustain down the line. I do hope you have plans to somehow monetize your work in this space.

You have my support.

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All You even gotta say is I’m StoneyEye & I’m voting yes. Much Love Homie Bless Up. :heart_on_fire:

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