[DAO:211d2cf] Metaverse Platform Partner for India's first MSc course in Metaverse

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Should the following $4,500 grant in the Sponsorship category be approved?


Munjal Birmingham City University Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship promoted by Munjal family (Hero Group) and Birmingham City University UK is engaged in promoting Innovation, Industry 4.0 and entrepreneurship

Now MBCIE is bringing India’a first MSc in Applied Metaverse and Digital Leadership. MBCIE has also MBCIEverse which is North India’s first physical Metaverse lab
In the course students will learn how to utilize disruptive technologies like metaverse into business and implement practices that drive high performance gains, management and leadership skill. This course allows you to make digital transformation as the core of your business strategy and evolve as a more flexible organization that aligns with firms strategic goal

Grant size

4,500 USD in DAI

Project duration

2 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Our project aims to establish a strategic partnership between Decentraland and our organization to become the metaverse platform partner. This partnership will enable us to leverage Decentraland’s cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to advance the field of Applied Metaverse and Digital Leadership. Following are the key benefits of partnering with us:

  1. Pioneering Education in the Metaverse:

Our project aligns perfectly with Decentraland’s vision of creating a thriving metaverse ecosystem. By offering the first Master of Science program in India dedicated to Applied Metaverse and Digital Leadership, we are contributing to the growth of the metaverse user base.

We aim to educate the next generation of metaverse experts, ensuring a skilled workforce that can contribute to Decentraland’s development and broader metaverse adoption.

  1. Solving the Skills Gap:

The metaverse is a complex and rapidly evolving field, and there is currently a significant skills gap. Our program will bridge this gap by providing students with specialized knowledge and practical experience.

As graduates enter the workforce, they will be equipped with the skills needed to create, innovate, and engage effectively within Decentraland, fostering platform growth.

  1. Fostering Innovation:

By partnering with Decentraland, we will facilitate research and development initiatives within the metaverse. Our students and faculty will actively collaborate with Decentraland’s community to create innovative projects, applications, and experiences.
This partnership will contribute to the evolution of Decentraland by bringing fresh perspectives and creative solutions to the platform.

  1. Community Engagement and Adoption:

Our project will actively promote Decentraland within the Indian market, increasing its visibility and user base.
We plan to organize events, workshops, and educational outreach to attract new users to Decentraland and showcase its potential.

  1. Building a Long-Term Partnership:

We view this grant as the beginning of a long-term partnership with Decentraland. Our commitment to educating students in Applied Metaverse and Digital Leadership aligns with Decentraland’s long-term vision.
This partnership will not only benefit Decentraland but also our institution by positioning us as a leader in metaverse education.

  1. Measurable Impact:

We will regularly report on the progress and outcomes of our program, providing metrics and success stories that showcase the positive impact on Decentraland’s ecosystem.

In conclusion, our project represents a unique opportunity to promote education, innovation, and community engagement within Decentraland’s metaverse. By investing in our initiative, Decentraland will not only contribute to the growth of its platform but also benefit from a steady influx of skilled individuals and innovative ideas. We believe this partnership will be mutually beneficial and drive the metaverse ecosystem forward.

Roadmap and milestones

Roadmap Phase 1: Project Initiation

#Formation of the project team, including educators, researchers, and developers.
#Establishing the infrastructure for the M.Sc. program, including course design and development.

Phase 2: Program Launch

#Official launch of the M.Sc. program in Applied Metaverse and Digital Leadership.
#Hosting initial educational events and workshops within Decentraland to introduce students to the platform.

Phase 3: Research

#Commencement of research projects and collaborations between students, faculty, and the Decentraland community.
#Development and launch of innovative metaverse applications or experiences.

Phase 4: Community Engagement

#Organization of metaverse-themed events and conferences within Decentraland, with the involvement of our students and faculty.
#Initiation of outreach efforts in India to promote Decentraland and metaverse education.

Phase 5: Long-Term

#Ongoing refinement and expansion of the M.Sc. program curriculum based on feedback and industry developments.
#Preparing for the next cohort of students and continuing research and innovation initiatives.

Progress Reporting
Regular Updates: We will provide monthly progress updates on our project’s milestones, achievements, and challenges.

Community Engagement: We will actively engage with the Decentraland community through dedicated community forums, and social media platforms. We will solicit feedback and suggestions from the community to improve our project continuously

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Hi, very interesting proposal. I would like to know more about it before I can make a decision. Contact me please in Discord (lordlike.eth).

You can tell more about this initiative in DAO Server - https://discord.gg/pkHcwTAeRV.

Also, tomorrow is Decentraland DAO 7th Strategic Planning session, feel free to join !

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Hi @web3nit I have sent you the friend request from ujjwal7484

Thank you @Ujjwal! I would love this to occur in India. Is there a way you can provide some sort of proof that you are part of MBCIE?

We get a lot of bad actors here and I am not saying you are one at all. If you can confirm in some way that you are part of that group, I think that would help us in our decision.

Also I noticed that you are the CEO of Volaverse which is another Metaverse. Can you share how Decentraland will be involved? Is this related? The reason this came up is because of the email associated with it. And when I googled it I saw your LinkedIn.

Reading up on Volaverse, Are these students virtual? And how many students do you think will attend? Also your website is beautiful, but not mobile friendly. I was trying to navigate it and it was a little difficult for me. This brings up a concern of possible quality issues. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on this?

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Can you in short and simple explain please how this initiative will it benefit Decentraland in short/long term ? What will be the outputs ? Tell more about your personal experience ? Whats you history behind Decentraland ? Do you consider minting a Decentraland NAME ?

These are some of the questions posted on Discord by community members. Posting the answers below:

Short-term benefits:

Increasing Brand Awareness: By showcasing Decentraland within our educational programs and events, we’ll raise awareness about the platform.
Engaging the Community: We’ll actively involve Decentraland users in our initiatives, fostering a sense of belonging and participation.
Knowledge Transfer: Students and researchers will gain skills and knowledge that can be applied directly within Decentraland.

Long-term benefits:

Skilled Workforce: Graduates will contribute to Decentraland’s growth by creating content, applications, and experiences.
Research and Innovation: Our research will lead to innovative solutions and applications that enhance the platform.
Community Growth: Continued engagement and outreach will attract new users and developers, expanding Decentraland’s ecosystem.

Following will be the key outputs:

#Skilled metaverse workforce.
#Innovative projects and applications.
#Increased brand visibility.
#A thriving and engaged Decentraland community.

Overall, this initiative will provide Decentraland with a growing, skilled user base, innovative content, and increased visibility, contributing to its long-term success in the metaverse space.

About myself:

Ujjwal is an Engineering graduate from India’s Topmost Institute, “Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi” and comes with a total over 5+ years of experience in various fields which include Blockchain, Metaverse, Technology and Supply Chain. Currently he is building an Education Metaverse based on blockchain named “Volaverse”. He has also worked for P & G.

History with Decentraland:

I have been following Decentraland since 2020 and a long term believer of metaverse world as Decentraland being one of the major platform.

Yes we will be more than happy to claim Decentraland Name as we will be using and showcasing the Decentraland as a platform in the course. Looking forward to support of community:)

@Tudamoon thank you for the questions.

Yes I am the visiting faculty at MBCIE. One of our past event links:

We will be using the Decentraland as the metaverse platform for our course. It will be incorporated in the following ways:

Branded Educational Content: Within our course, we will incorporate Decentraland branding into relevant course materials, lectures, and assignments. This ensures that students are exposed to Decentraland as a leading metaverse platform.

Decentraland Case Studies: We will develop and feature case studies that showcase Decentraland’s innovative use cases, success stories, and contributions to the metaverse. These case studies will be a part of our curriculum, research projects, and public events.

Promotion and Outreach: We will actively promote Decentraland highlighting its unique features, user experiences, and potential for growth.

Educational Events: We will host educational events, workshops, and webinars within Decentraland that prominently feature the Decentraland brand. These events will be advertised through Decentraland’s official channels, ensuring visibility among its user base.

Community Engagement: Active engagement with Decentraland’s community will be a core part of our strategy. We will encourage community members to participate in our educational programs, research initiatives, and metaverse events. Their involvement will serve as a testament to the strength and vitality of the Decentraland brand.

Yes we are building an educational metaverse named Volaverse uni-dimensional metaverse focused on increasing education activities through metaverse which is under development.

It will be an IRL course called Masters in Applied Metaverse and Digital Leadership. Initial cohort will be joined by 90 students and going forward we will increase the number of students to several hundreds after iterating and updating the course based on the feedback from the initial cohorts. Thank you for your feedback regarding the website, same will be taken up by the development team on priority basis. As stated above our platform is still under development and we will be using only Decentraland platform to showcase and demonstrate the metaverse during the course.

Voting no for a few reason:

1.) The website is really bad, this does not scream legit the courses are just pre-recorded (and outdated) videos produced by amateurs - if you are highlighting a ‘metaverse’ course, DCL should already be involved in course material given it’s at the forefront of open metaverse development.

2.) You have not provided anything of substance here, just a request to run a generic course, with no previous examples or work to show on what that course would actually entail. What would the actual output for DCL be, and why would it be useful? Generic answers such as ‘exposure’ is a HUGE red flag.

3.) You charge $100+ for pre-recorded courses, why do you need a grant?

4.) There is no output or open sourced code being produced from this, it would just be us giving you money to run a course that already seems to be sold for $125.

5.) Saying you have ‘followed’ DCL since 2020 but have no active involvement (not even a name or blockchain history) is a red flag, it’s not enough to follow you would actively need to be leading development for it to be worthwhile to pay to have your knowledge transferred to others.

  1. Decentraland will be used for showcasing the metaverse and not our platform. Course is not pre-recorded but an IRL course.

  2. Following will be the key outputs:

#Skilled metaverse workforce.
#Innovative projects and applications.
#Increased brand visibility.
#A thriving and engaged Decentraland community.

Overall, this initiative will provide Decentraland with a growing, skilled user base, innovative content, and increased visibility, contributing to its long-term success in the metaverse space.

  1. Its not a pre-recorded course.

  2. Are you inferring that if somebody doesn’t have a open source code on DCL is not aware or understand metaverse and Decentraland?

  3. We have the relevant knowledge that’s why we are able to develop the educational metaverse.

Metaverse Platform Partner for India’s first MSc course in Metaverse

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 2,235 VP (15 votes)
  • No 98% 11,133,370 VP (91 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 787 VP (2 votes)