[DAO:7316a5e] [Resubmittion] Bridg3 Hackathon: Advancing Decentraland's Educational Impact

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Should the following $20,000 grant in the Sponsorship category be approved?


The Bridg3 Metaverse Hackathon in Finland is designed to inspire students to explore the Decentraland’s potential and revolutionize education. We seek your support for a dedicated Decentraland challenge that encourages students to design an open-source, virtual 3D University Campus in Decentraland Worlds. This challenge sets the stage and aims to collect ideas for the upcoming Decentraland Campus project, slated for development after summer in collaboration with the University of Tampere, The Good Cartel, ECIU (The European Consortium of Innovative Universities), and Adventure Club, a verified Decentraland partner. Ultimately advancing Decentralands educational impact among students, universities and faculty.

Grant size

20,000 USD

Project duration

1 month

Beneficiary address


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Why Vote YES for this Proposal?

  • Position Decentraland as a trailblazer in the future of education, engaging student builders and new audiences to enhance brand recognition
  • Ensure community access and contributions through the open-source nature of the project
  • Foster a sense of ownership and creativity among students by utilizing Decentraland Worlds Beta, delivering dozens of new experiences being built
  • Share learnings from the hackathon in a comprehensive report for the community’s benefit

Challenge Description - Trailblazing Education in Decentraland

The challenge is to craft a mini 3D showroom that envisions the future of campus life in Decentraland, featuring immersive visuals, videos, and 3D content. This initiative aims to bolster collaboration between universities, students, and upcoming Decentraland educational ventures. To foster community engagement and ownership, a voting mechanism (Snapshot) will be implemented for students to select their favorite Worlds.

The initiative shares Decentraland’s commitment to open-source principles and seeks to provide all students with free access to test ideas and build within Decentraland thru complimentary access to Decentraland Worlds. The seasoned Adventure Club team delivers five days of hands-on mentorship for a powerful learning experience and valuable outcomes.

Tech Being Used

Students will gain hands-on experience developing within the Decentraland Builder and sharing creations within Decentraland Worlds Beta. While the emphasis of learning will focus on the more accessible non-coding aspects of the Decentraland Builder environment, students with some coding experience will have the opportunity to experiment with the latest Decentraland tools such as the Decentraland Editor where students will become familiar with creating, debugging, and publishing scenes within Decentraland Worlds.

Additionally, students will explore:

  • The latest SDK 7 to gain an introduction to the latest features.
  • How to manage multiple projects via workspaces and code versioning via Github.
  • Using debugging tools such as scene stats to form an intuition about scene performance and user experience.
  • Sharing Learnings and Results

Bridg3 Hackathon Overview

The month-long hackathon has leading industry experts as mentors and partners such as the City of Tampere and YLE. The finals will be held during Tampere Smart City Week, attracting 2,800+ guests from 20+ countries. YLE as our partner will provide free nationwide media coverage, showcasing the best of Decentraland Worlds and inspiring the Web2 audience. This will provide Decentraland with valuable marketing exposure. As TampereES co-organizes the hackathon, we ensure it focuses on creating a lasting impact and fostering a thriving student community in Decentraland.

More info:

Original Proposal

Changes in Submission

  • Clear scope and technical framework of the challenge, led by verified DCL partner Adventure Club
  • Sharing learnings for DAO
  • Budget changes
    • More mentoring
    • Claiming Worlds to students
    • Bigger price pool

Roadmap and milestones

We have established a well-defined hackathon timeline focused on delivering concrete results, as outlined below:


  • April - Team building assistance through Discord and in-person matchmaking events.


  • May 5th - Hackathon launch, unveiling challenges and mentors. Online-streamed keynotes and in-person mentoring sessions
  • Mentoring continues online via The Good Cartel Discord server
  • May 16 - Midway checkpoint, featuring online-streamed keynotes and in-person mentoring sessions
  • May 30-31st - Final checkpoint, offering in-person mentoring and hybrid pitching training sessions


  • June 4th - 6th - Open community voting for the top 10 finalists
  • June 6th - Bridg3 Finald at Tampere Smart City Week at Nokia Arena, keynote from Marja Konttinen from Decentraland, winner announcements
  • Hackathon solutions will remain open for further development, fostering ongoing collaboration and growth

Sharing Learnings

A comprehensive report will be compiled detailing the key learnings and insights gained during the event. This report will highlight successful strategies, innovative ideas, and areas for improvement, providing valuable information on what worked and what didn’t. The project also aims to join a Town Hall to share the findings with the Decentraland community. This collaborative approach ensures that the entire community can benefit from the lessons learned and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the Virtual University Campus in Decentraland.

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can you say more about the “upcoming Decentraland educational venture” you mention? what is that?

who is that? :see_no_evil: someone from the foundation…?

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Tampere University and ECIU, a consortium of 13 innovative European universities, have conducted preliminary tests on the potential of the Metaverse as a platform for future education and university campuses. Regrettably, the first version of their virtual world is hard-coded and not easily accessible, nor has it been developed further. To address this issue, we are currently planning a joint project to create a smart and accessible virtual campus. Our aim is to offer every student an opportunity to participate in developing the virtual campus and determining its appearance and interactive features. This hackathon provides an excellent foundation for gathering authentic student insights and ideas to enrich the project. In the hopes that Decentraland would be then the go-to platform.

Marja Konttinen is currently the Marketing Director at Decentraland Foundation :heart_eyes:
She’s our hero in Finland and connecting the dots in many DCL projects. She’s the OG in this space in the Nordics and delivers the best Metaverse and DCL talks I’ve heard. Here’s her Twitter account.

Here’s a link to the first iteration from 2021. We’re aiming to do this so much better with DCL so that it will actually reach the students by co-designing everything from scratch :fist_right: :fist_left: We have mentors from Tampere University and ECIU joining this Decentraland challenge to share their learnings.

As I have digged trough the ECIU project and seen other university projects in idea stage I find this super cool and really usable. As covid-19 brought the need of remote classes many professors have stayed in remote lecturing, but the way they do it is from “90’s” which makes the classes super boring and hardly engaging where I find that solutions in decentraland would help. At least my university friends have blaimed the remote classes to be very bad in learning results.


Totally agree with @ampso! It could make remote learning much more interesting and effective.

Great idea! Hackatons are a great way to bring new devs to Decentraland.

[Resubmittion] Bridg3 Hackathon: Advancing Decentraland’s Educational Impact

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 12% 718,628 VP (44 votes)
  • No 87% 4,998,036 VP (111 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 1,789 VP (6 votes)