[DAO:1186781] Buidlers Night - Ethereum Argentina Side Event

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Should the following $950 grant in the Sponsorship category be approved?


We propose to the DAO to sponsor “Buidlers Night :beers:, an Ethereum Argentina Side Event for BUILDERS after Buidlathon’s submission and Main Event pre-launch day. This initiative aims to foster networking within the web3 builders’ local community, being a big opportunity for projects or companies that are looking for talents or engagement. We believe that sponsoring this event will contribute to Decentraland and Decentraland DAO’s growth.

Grant size

950 USD in DAI

Project duration

1 month

Beneficiary address


Email address



Event Details

  • Date: 08/17/2023
  • Time: 9pm to 1am
  • Venue: Buller Bar, Recoleta (Buenos Aires)
  • Capacity: 130 attendants (Terrace)

Buidlers Night :beers: is for those who #BUIDL tirelessly. We want to create a networking space for the local Builders community after they have submitted their projects to relax and connect with sponsors. :sparkles:

The venue is located just a 10-minute walk from the Main Conference Venue, offering Buildathon participants the perfect spot to unwind, enjoy some food and drinks, and prepare for pitch day after dedicating countless days to building their products. This event offers an exceptional opportunity for attendees to engage, interact, and exchange their unique building experiences, the perfect platform for forging meaningful connections.

Benefits of Sponsorship

The sponsorship includes:

  • Brand Presence at the “Buidlers Night :beers:” Ethereum Argentina Side Event
  • Brand presence in content from organizers’ social networks (+25000 total audience reached)
  • Access to the Buidlers Discord server with the “Supporter” role

As a sponsor of Builders Night, we consider that Decentraland and DecentralandDAO will enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Decentraland and Decentraland DAO brand logos will be prominently displayed at the event venue, providing excellent visibility among the audience.
  • Social Media Exposure: Decentraland DAO sponsorship will be acknowledged on Buidlers and NeoPower social media channels, reaching a broader audience and increasing its brand’s online presence. The total audience reached by Buidlers, NeoPower Digital, its team members, partners, and sub-communities Twitter accounts combined is up to +25.000 followers (more details in the About Us section).
  • Networking Opportunities: Builders Night will provide Decentraland team members and Decentraland DAO members with an exclusive chance to connect with potential partners, talents, and users within the Buidlers community.
  • Future collaborations: Connecting with Buidlers and the NeoPower core team, enables access to a high-quality and organic audience of web3 builders where Decentraland and Decentraland DAO will be able to post job vacancies, share technical information about their platform, organize workshops, and courses, and onboard interested builders to their communication tools.

We believe this is a great opportunity to maximize Decentraland and Decentraland DAO’s impact and engagement, enhancing the brand’s visibility in an audience of developers, investors, and blockchain enthusiasts attending the event.

About us

Our team has broad experience hosting and collaborating in the organization of many events for ecosystems like Polkadot and Cosmos. We recently developed the Polkadot Decoded View Party Buenos Aires.

  • Buidlers is a Community Hub for Web3 builders in Spanish with more than 1000 members combined from Web3Crew, Solidity Latam, Web3Es, and Manija Devs sub-communities.

  • NeoPower is a Web3 Software company focused on building high-quality products and creating educational content for developers.

Long-term Partners and Sub-Communities:

  • DeFi Argentina (7.417 followers)
  • La Multisig Web3 en Español (3.317 followers)
  • Fuel en Español (70 followers)
  • Cosmos Argentina (72 followers)
  • Polkadot Buenos Aires (88 followers)

See the full proposal with more details :point_down:

Roadmap and milestones

Total = $950.00 :point_right:
For the event’s diffusion, logistics, and agenda of the side event.

The sponsorship includes venue costs (security, personnel, and technical equipment), food and drinks service (during the whole event), audiovisual production (photos, editing, and video), and marketing expenses.

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How much do you any of you know about Decentraland? Other than materials what kind of presence will DCL have there and will people be encouraged to visit DCL if they are not already?

I get the tie between Ethereum and DCL, but I’m curious how much of this time/money would focus specifically on DCL and DCL builders? I’m all for sponsoring irl events that will educate and promote DCL, but this seems a little vague to me to be comfortable supporting at this point. I don’t think the DAO should be funding other company’s outings without a specific plan as to how DCL will be promoted and represented over other web3 initiatives.

Hello @Existential14 and @Mimsy !

Thank you for your questions.

To give more context about the event:

We are the team behind the organization of Ethereum’s Argentina Buildathon (LINK).
Decentraland will participate in Ethereum Argentina as a sponsor for the main conference and provide one workshop for the attendees.

As “Buidlers” community in Argentina, we will host an exclusive side event for builders who participate in the Buildathon and main conference attendees.

Both timing and location are ideal:

  • Buildathon ends on August 17th at 17 PM
  • There will be a pre-opening of the main conference on that day too (from 17 PM to 21 PM)
  • The side event venue is a 10-minute walk from the main venue
  • Our side event will take place right after the end of the main event pre-opening!

In terms of brand presence:

  • Showcased through organizers’ social media
  • Showcased on the screen in the event banners

In terms of onboarding new builders:

  • We are in direct contact with part of the Decentraland team that’s working on the sponsorship of ETH Argentina. So we have access to all of the content that will be shared during the event.
  • We will make sure to onboard attendees to Decentraland’s ecosystem by sharing the workshop content of the main conference, and QR codes to encourage following Decentraland on social networks.
  • We love the gamification dynamic where we hand out POAPs to attendees after completing certain tasks (like following our sponsors’ socials)

The most important part for us is that we want to build a long-term relationship between Decentraland and Buidlers. This means we want to onboard team members of DCL to our Discord server to engage with local talent in our community as “Supporters”.

This means being able to share:

  • DCL technical content
  • Job postings
  • Workshops for the community

We believe this is a great opportunity for DCL and Buidlers to collaborate.
We appreciate your feedback and look forward to your support of our proposal.

Buidlers team

I went to Ethereum Argentina last year and was amazing. It’s sponsored by Decentraland (Foundation?).

The “after parties” like this one are a place to do some networking, and have some free drinks. People going don’t really care about who is sponsoring to be honest.

Would be nice to add a Category for Decentraland on the Buildathon. Something we really need more than visibility is to attract developers.

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Hi, thanks for the feedback!

The Buildathon has a separate sponsorship program and unfortunately, the Decentraland team decided to only participate as a sponsor in the main conference.

That is why we believe that this small sponsorship tier for the Buidlers side event will be a great opportunity to leverage a connection with the builders that might miss the Decentraland content during ETH Argentina.

And we also think that the long-term collaboration with the Buidlers community with more than 1000 members combined will be very helpful to onboard local talent to DCL!

We are open to answer any other questions you may have.

Buidlers team

I think 950 USD to just put some logos is not worth it. Most people know what Decentraland is or they have heard it. At least, let someone give a talk there about DCL and what consists of. I’m happy to do it since I will also attend the event :slight_smile:

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I agree would like to see at least some dcl speakers. Do you have any numbers on projected attendance?

Hi @Tobik and @dogman!

Firstly, thank you for your feedback. We greatly appreciate your comments and interest. Regarding the speaker slot, it was initially considered but the sponsorship tier offering it has sold out. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we’re unable to add another one. However, we’re considering compensating with a Decentraland promotional video showcased during the event. What do you think?

It’s great to know that DAO members like you, @Tobik, are part of our community. We believe that an event with a workshop focus, with you as a speaker, could be a valuable opportunity for our Buidlers’ community in the future.

As for attendance, @dogman, we anticipate at least 100 attendees, with a maximum capacity of 130 on the venue’s terrace where the event will be held.

Our first round of 75 tickets recently sold out in under 2 hours. You can find more details here: Buidlers Night 🍻 · Luma.

For further event communications, please follow @buidlerstech on Twitter.


Buidlers Night - Ethereum Argentina Side Event

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 15% 669,284 VP (104 votes)
  • No 16% 745,875 VP (20 votes)
  • Abstain 69% 3,018,795 VP (35 votes)