Customized Wearables for Personal Use Only

Should the DAO allow users to create custom wearables that can only be used for personal use at a much lower cost of publishing? Right now the costs are prohibitively expensive for players to customize their Avatar’s look.

Other Considerations:
This proposal would help drive additional fees for the DAO which are used to help fund the growth of the platform.
These personal use wearables can be limited to <5 wearables per user to avoid flooding the market.
Personal Use means a single edition of the wearable that cannot be sold.

The use cases and maturity of NFT projects are growing rapidly and it’s brought on a massive and newfound focus on digital/virtual identity, status, and style. With this has come a new market need for NFT customized wearables and accessories. Users want to show off custom gear and wearables stitched with their favorite NFTs that only they own.

Below are a few examples of the customizable wearable trend that demonstrate a need for this feature.

Rumble Kong League Clubs: Jerseys for Kong Players
10KTF / Wagmi San: Custom made Wearables from the NFTs you already own
RareShoe: Shoes with your own NFTs on them
NFTSpektr: Hats with your own NFTs on them Custom made Wearables from the NFTs you already own

Here are some user base stats summed for these 5 projects. This shows just a fraction of the true market size for personalized wearables:
65,000 twitters followers
16,300 ETH (~$65M) Trading Value on OpenSea

This space is moving fast and big brands will soon begin to get involved. E.g. Adidas let’s you add your own NFT to their jumpers, Nike to their shoes, etc.

Adding this feature would meet this new demand and bring on a new wave of Decentraland users.


I think this is a great idea. My big concern is how do you then not overwhelm the content moderation process with an influx of single-use items? I like that DCL has this content review process but it is already under a lot of strain lately and I fear this will only add to that.

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Great point. As part of this there should be some component on how to better the content moderation process.

What if the personal use wearables were limited to a base set of pre-approved meshes? The user could modify the material and the texture image and texture uv location. Many people just want a shirt with their expression on it and not a tricked out hotdog suit.

This would scratch the itch of personal expression. Pre-approved meshes would reduce the curation time needed to check for clipping and weighting problems. I’ve never evaluated any wearables so I don’t know all of the required steps. I’ve just made my first wearable so perhaps someone with more knowledge could weigh in.

That might be a good solution to the problem of the content moderation! If the mods didn’t have to spend time ensuring the technical aspect of a wearable meets the guidelines, but instead just the content aspect of it. It would make the process much faster.

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