Concurrent users allowed on Decentraland

Hi, I was trying to find how many concurrent user are allowed in decentraland, but I could not find this information, I only found it for the new feature “Worlds”, but not for Genesis City.

For example let’s say the case of use is a concert/video, how much visitors are able to watch it at the same time? Is it limited for parcels for example? all the avatars are renderred?
In case of Decentraland events, does it have different limitations?

I apreciate if someone can help me to find this kind of information, I think that there should be some documentation about it as it is an important aspect.

These are all the scene limitations but i do not think there’s a “concurrent” users limitation other than users getting distributed to different “islands” on the same realm for better optimization but i think that only happens when people are at a big distance from my experience

Thank you Yanakis, yes in that document there is nothing said about concurrent user limitation.
However what you said about Island and realm make sense. Did you find taht in the Decentraland documentation? Can you share it in that case?
I would like to understand how is exactly that mechainc is.