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all good here? cant see the pictures.

Will check these soon

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, these look like copies of other wearables currrently in the market. Please change the designs or get the creators approval to use them.

what? i dont understand, ill talk to the designer

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This is the chain and the coat looks like the DG fur coat:

sorry the system is so buggy it didnt let me upload first right thats why it was wrong, couldnt even set hashtags or anything.

and right now i cant edit the female presentation

hello sir,
the chain should be fixed but for the robe i cant get to edit female presentation, its just not there anymore.
what can i do?

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Let me know if that helps! Also make sure to tag me when you respond!

yes my friend, i know that but when i upload male it does not show me the 3 dots to upload.
its not my first wearable i know how to do it but its buggy and not showing

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You have to do it on the collection page not on editor.

oh my goodness, is that new?
lol, sorry my BIG fault. its updated now. thank you so much!!!

did you have time to check if its okay now?

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Hey, having issues with the builder right now so be patient for a bit and ill make sure to get back to you asap! Thank you for understanding!

of course! thank you so much for the information

This is still the same mesh. They have to be completely changed.

finally changed. please check mate

Hey, some flipped normals on the chain and coat need to be weighted or made shorter to reduce clipping

designter is on it. will be fixed asap

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