Collection 'WHATSTHEMINIMUM ACCESSIORES' created by alekssupernova is ready for review!

Awesome, make sure to tag me here so i can see it!

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its fixed, please check @Yannakis
thank you for your patience!

kindly reminder :flushed:
cant wait! haha @Yannakis

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Some clipping issues for the coat. Also please alter the designs a bit more so they dont resemple the original design from DG and the chain frm J&W

the designer changed all and yesterday was just the other mistake.
but will go on it!

can you approve the chain?

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Both items have to be approved at same time, no way to approve separetely unfortunately

I understand will be done asap. please check then fast my community is waiting :slight_smile:

okay fixed again. now its completely different. please check mate

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Still same for coat

but how is this possible?
in every test me and also my designer does its not like that.

maybe u can give us some advice or i send you the glb file? lol… dont know whats wrong

anyways its shorted so cant show this mistake anymore.
please check @Yannakis

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This is still the same… you can view it in game by clicking the 3 dots, select “see in world” and switch to ropsten test network

we will do a complete new jacket. dont know whats wrong with it.
tagging you then when its done

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found the mistake!!! the builder was bugging and didnt upload the new files!!!
its reuploaded now.
please check @Yannakis

@Yannakis could you please check? its one day ago

Some deformation on the chain and a few gaps on the jacket

what is deformated on the chain?
you kinda already approved it before and didnt tell me anything. and now no details.

really hard to do it like you want without any detailed information and waiting 1,5 days for an response.
sorry but trying so hard and all other wearables went smoothly!

on it again of course

Oh sorry for some reason it posted the same picture twice. Will send it here now!
The issues are as simple as connecting the vertices and merging them… for the chain, I believe this is automatically weighted to bones… you can just switch to only being weighted to the neck bone for a quick fix

appreciate it! on it and on a new jacket, yay!

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done!!! found the mistake in the world as u said and fixed!
also did a new jacket as agreed. thank you!