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Wayable Weird Creatures TMC

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Meta-Centaur Guardian


Omg eccellent , stop walking just run


Thank you a lot sir ! :slight_smile:

@HirotoKai Can you check this too please? :slight_smile:

LFG :fire::fire::fire::fire: really cool :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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This is Fire!!! We need this in Decentraland


Who needs a car when we can have a horse? :racehorse:

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Need to be the first Centaur of DCL #HarryPotterFansKnow :sparkles:

Can you check this please @Malloy ? Thank you for your time… :wink:

i think this isnt optimized for female.

It is sir :slight_smile: i don’t know why you would say this thought…

very cool idea…nice creativity!

@HirotoKai , @Shibu or @Malloy could you please review my wearable ? It’ been now more than a month and it is not acceptable to wait this long for something that can have at least an answer from you all guys…

Again people are getting approved in days when communities like us are waiting too many time before a simple first review and that is not normal…

Please do consider answering me that would be really kind of you…

Hey @NairuZa! How are you? it’s been 18 days since the submission and yes, we’re double down the committee so we can do faster. So sorry for the delay!

The wearable for male is clipping and for the female version the hips are floating.

Can you please fix to approve?


Yes! Thank you a lot for your reply, i know that there is issues but i wanted a first reply from you guys so we can make this wearable approved after all the changes :slight_smile:

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Hello again @Shibu ! I just fixed it and sent you the female representation as it doesn’t let me upload it on the Builder i don’t know why…

Normally it is all fixed and great with being ready to publish also… :slight_smile:

Thank you a lot for your time sir :wink:

Hi! I submitted a centaur previous to this (on January 10, 2022), and it is still in process of being approved. I’ve worked very long and hard on it and hope to get it approved soon. What are the rules on submitting something that has already been submitted by someone else?

Edit: copying in @Malloy who I think started to review my collection.
Second Edit: I’m not sure why you flagged my post. I wasn’t accusatory and I am inquiring about what the rules are on submitting similar collections.

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I did not copied anything and i did not knew your centaur was on reviewing but this is not the same one as mine is a forest centaur and yours looks more like a horse…

Still according to the rules, we cannot copy something that is already on the marketplace nor from a date of reviewing so both of our wearables are still in pending reviews so i’m totally in my rights but i can understand your disappointment on this situation…

@Shibu What can we do about it please ? Because i don’t wanna have spent this much money for nothing…

And as you can see there is a lot of joints or cannabis related, they all look the same and they are still approved so it would be really disappointing if they wouldn’t approve both of our wearables… It doesn’t make any sense and they are separated owners so…

Make it only for males then @Shibu :slight_smile: