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Centaurs of DCL [Trendscrafters]

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Centaur of the Valley

Centaur of the Plains


Ok that’s pretty cool… very unique

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yeah I truly agree thats unique, great job

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Thanks! Wait til you take them for a spin. You’re gonna love them. Took me forever getting the weight painting just right for those back legs!

Will work fantastically with a project I’m working on. Amazing job

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Bravo :pray::pray: that is very cool

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Ooff you did it before me… great job!


Question…how do you sample a wearable that is put in for review within decentraland (to show the in-game look of the item)?

You won’t be able to see it in-game, but you can see it in 3D by clicking the “View Entire Collection” link near the top of this page

You have to be on the rapsten test network and you can see your collection in world.

Hi @TrendsCrafters I’ve just taken a peep and it is a very cool concept however there are quite drastic weighting issues with the back legs in particular. If you are able to improve how they deform with the different animations I’ll be able to re-review for you! Thank you kindly :slight_smile:

Hi @Malloy !

Thanks for your response. I’ve spent many, many hours over several weeks playing with the weighting of the back legs. With the tools we currently have, it’s easy for extra limbs to be either totally out of control or dead-looking and inanimate. I thought this iteration was an acceptable medium, but maybe because I’ve been looking at those extremes play out for so many hours :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m happy to try spending more time on them to make them perfect, but could you let me know which particular animations or movements deform in a way that doesn’t pass muster? Or the ways in which the deformations are too drastic.

Thanks! I’d love to see these things running around DCL! :slight_smile:

I can help you with that if you want since I’ve already uploaded a 4 legged wearable and found a way to make it work

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Thanks so much @Yannakis ! That’s very generous of you, I’ll send you a PM.

@Codeigh Thanks! I found some DCL documentation to help others on the way.

collection approved @TrendsCrafters ! very cool design! (cc: @Malloy)

Thanks very much @Shibu !

I made changes as suggested by @Malloy and just pushed them. Could you take a quick look and reapprove?

Thanks again!