Collection 'Wayable | RainBlow Weird Clothes' created by NairuZa#cf43 is ready for review!

Hello @HirotoKai Could you please review it now? Thank you a lot sir :slight_smile:

Hello again! :slight_smile: I still see some clipping issues make sure your wearable is weighted correctly to the hips and weight painted correctly! it seems to be on both the male and female verison i have attached screen shots! Once this is done @ me here again and ill take another look:)

@HirotoKai Could we call in screenshare on Discord because on my side there is no issues on the models… My Discord is Way#0359 So we can enclose this and you will see that there is no things at all…

Please if we could do it that would be perfect i think its because of the recent website lags it is not possible we verified everything before it…

Here :

And here :slight_smile:

I will take another look! One sec!

Did you make sure to hit save? may still be loading on our end but i am getting some definite clipping issues. Ill give it a try in a few min when it finishes uploading!

Okay perfect thank you a lot

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And let’s call by Discord if needed sir :wink:

Yes i’m 100% sure sir :slight_smile: We can even do a screenshare so i can show you :slight_smile:

Im sorry but I have checked it again and with the Emotes (Dance Moves of the avatar) the wearable clips still. When your in the builder please make sure to test the wearable out with different pants and dances so you know where your clipping issues are. A great way to do this in blender is to go into weight paint mode and add more weighting to the hips of both avatars! I Unfortunately don’t do discord calls and if it doesn’t show up on my end not working I can not accept the wearable until is brought up to par! :slight_smile: If you have any more questions feel free to drop a comment here and i can try to help!

The thing is that i don’t understand why thought because i checked it on my pc and everything works perfectly fine…

I really hope that we can solve this situation issue because it’s getting to be a dead-end looking like…

There is no reasons for the model to do this so i do not understand that thing at all and i’m a professionnal 3D Artist not a beginner you know… I know how vertex weighting is made and trust me this is really strange… @HirotoKai

Hello again! Sometimes this happens when in weight paint mode when the hips are selected that the waist area isn’t fully red to account for the movement of the bones! Currently right now I am only seeing a female version on my end but the wearables are still clipping. one idea you could do is to make the wearable a little larger as well to accommodate the different sizes of pants in the game! :slight_smile:

Yes, is there a deadline for my wearable to wait for another review? Because i’m working a lot and i can modify it on my free time…

Hello sir ! @HirotoKai I hope that you are doing good :wink: I just fixed it with Sir Raynor and i think it works for both now :slight_smile:

Can you please check it, approve it and then tell me if i can see it on the MarketPlace? Thank you a lot sir :wink:

Down For this. Lets see this in DCL!!!

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Hello again! :slight_smile: We are almost there! there are a few loose verts in the hands and the bottom of the shirt has a normal flipped (you can see where it is see through)! once this is done we should be good to go!:slight_smile:

Hello @HirotoKai ! Now i just fixed it should be great :wink:

Thank you approved!!

Thank you a lot @HirotoKai I just got my first one sale but could you please check this too → Collection 'Wayable Weird Creatures TMC' created by NairuZa#cf43 is ready for review! :wink:

It would be really nice of you :slight_smile: