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Wayable | RainBlow Weird Clothes

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The Pullover of the Rain-Blower


Taking a look now!:slight_smile: -H

Hello again!! I see we have some clipping issues at the hips! Can you please weight the wearable to the hips as well so they dont clip! After this please @ me here again and I will take a second look! :slight_smile:

Hello @HirotoKai I just fixed the vertex weighting of the wearable but it seems that the female doesn’t have the same armature as the male and you can see that on the male it is good…

Thank you for your time thought…

Hello! Yes the armeture is different on the female version of the wearable! Did you upload two separate designs one to work with a male and one to work with a female? Im still getting some clipping issues.

Nope sir i just did it with the armature found in the wearables reference drive as the base armature doesn’t work into the Builder…

Here is the files for the male and the female but i tried to make it to gender but it doesn’t work…

Yah the female version have a higher hip then the male version do and also have different emotes! There should be both a female and a male base model on GitHub you can use for reference! You should have two files that you upload under the same wearable to make it be able to switch in game!

Nope @HirotoKai You cannot change another wearable to add a new gender it doesn’t let you do it… And i do not wanna pay 100 MANA more for one more another model which is the same design…

I just did it @HirotoKai ! Now it has two wearables representations as i added it into the three dots on the collection :slight_smile:

Hello @HirotoKai Could you please review it now? Thank you a lot sir :slight_smile:

Hello again! :slight_smile: I still see some clipping issues make sure your wearable is weighted correctly to the hips and weight painted correctly! it seems to be on both the male and female verison i have attached screen shots! Once this is done @ me here again and ill take another look:)

@HirotoKai Could we call in screenshare on Discord because on my side there is no issues on the models… My Discord is Way#0359 So we can enclose this and you will see that there is no things at all…

Please if we could do it that would be perfect i think its because of the recent website lags it is not possible we verified everything before it…

Here :

And here :slight_smile:

I will take another look! One sec!

Did you make sure to hit save? may still be loading on our end but i am getting some definite clipping issues. Ill give it a try in a few min when it finishes uploading!

Okay perfect thank you a lot

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And let’s call by Discord if needed sir :wink:

Yes i’m 100% sure sir :slight_smile: We can even do a screenshare so i can show you :slight_smile: