Collection 'trekkers' created by MetaTrekkers is ready for review!

Any feedback from the legal team?

btw…WHO is the legal team?

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Was this ever resolved with the legal team? If not, why is the collection still enabled?

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Wait, what. There is thing called ‘legal team’?

No my messages have been ignored for over 2 months so Im proceeding to disable the collection until the situation is clear.


The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

We are working on this. Thank you guys for the feedback.

How is this political or manipulative? I asked you to provide proof of rights to use the Tesla design to the legal team and would be good to go if it got the green light but you ignored my messages. Please provide the rights to use this design to


I already explained to you several times, the picture below is the actual Tesla bot. The inspiration we created doesn’t have any logos or looks nothing like the official Tesla bot.

the fact that your first move is to openly threaten Yannakis with your VP whale status instead of actually addressing the underlying problem is d e l i c i o u s.


there are two other collections that are similar as well. if they’re in fact deemed similar enough to be taken down for IP reasons, I hope that Chris’s words in this thread don’t have a chilling effect on theankou.


Why did you edit your post from “I’m going to remove you from the curators” :no_entry_sign: to “Thank you guys for the feedback” :rainbow: ?


He changed, because he realized this doesn’t makes him look good at all - i guess


Hey guys!
Someone mentioned here two collections from metatrekkers, that i was reviewing and approving.

From my side, tesla suit is white and black with some standard body shapes, details, etc etc. Wearables that i reviewed have completely different colors, head details doesn’t look exactly the same like tesla suit, and in my opinion this two wearables is good to go. They don’t look exactly the same. They have some additional details, different color, emission.

From my side, to avoid any issues with IP rights, the best solution for wearable model in this collection would be: changing some colors, changing some shapes, adding some of details. I believe that way issues with similar look like “tesla suit” will gone.

All people, creators, artists, designers, companies, etc → tend to be inspired by something that already exists. We all use some references from internet / pinterest / etc, everyday, take some shapes here, some details there, some textures here, mix them all up together and whoala we get something new, and that the thing that makes us able to be inspired, to create and to be creative.

Be respectful to each other :slight_smile:


This is what I was told when trying to create a dual blade back piece.
30-40% different. And I’m pretty sure if I google “tesla bot” and take the TOP RELATED IMAGES and compare them to the MT skin… there is not even 10% difference.

You was trying to publish stolen model from sword art online game (PSP version), thats a whole different story.

Wow, you are for real?

Show some respect to the real creators of the TESLA BOT and don’t allow a cheap ugly rip-off.