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Trekker Bot

Will check this soon!

Collection approved!

Hi @Yannakis Yannakis,

Thank you for approving our wearables! However, we have made small changes by adding a description and it is now under review again.

If I may ask, do we still have to wait a few days to have it approved again?

Thank you again.

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I can check it now! @MetaTrekkers

Thank you so much @Yannakis :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Yannakis , how are you? Thank you for approving our collection. However, we are trying to mint 20 out of the 5000 and it shows error: cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'collectionId). What could be the problem?

Thank you!

This is the exact same image as Elon musks Tesla bot. See the referenced image. Might want to change it a bit for legal reasons. Bringing this up because it was airdropped to me recently, and if I have to pay taxes on NFTs, then I’d rather not deal with any possible liabilities.


IMO this is a rip-off from Teslabot, infringement of IP


Hey @MetaTrekkers this does look identical to the Tesla bot… Please update the design to make it look a bit different.

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Hi @Yannakis , There is no Tesla bot that came out like this, furthermore there is no Tesla bot that came out at all yet as well.

Please change the design to avoid IP issues and getting the collection disabled.


This is not the Tesla bot, it’s just a imagination, Elon already said in the beginning the “Tesla bot” will not look like this. You can google or search Wikipedia. @Yannakis

On June 3, 2022, Musk announced the display model at (AI) Day event and the Giga Texas opening will not look anything like the first prototype that Tesla hopes to unveil later in 2022

Everything is here @Yannakis . Feel free to have a look.

It doesn’t matter if the bot came out or not…you copied the design from the prototype…its not yours


Interesting… I guess even if the bot never comes out looking like this… someone definitely owns the design, patent, or whatever rights are attached to the creation. It really is pretty much identical. :grimacing:


not surprised, time will promote or expose you. :hourglass_flowing_sand:


@Yannakis is it okay to use this design?


@MetaTrekkers please forward rights to use this design to


Thx. Happy New Year <3

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