Roxel (robot voxel), Avatar/Wearables

Hello guys,
I have been creating a robot-voxel collection on open-sea, they are animated 3D characters that I want to offer as avatar on the metaverse for the collectors.
I will be creating 250 of them and I want to create the wearable too so the owners can get to play with them in the real virtual world.
I would like to deploy a solution for decentraland too if possible. I don’t necessarily want to sell them or make extra money out of it, maybe just a few dollars for the extra work to fit them in your builder. If there is profit to be made I’d like it to fund community building of the platform that deploys them.

If you look at the collection : Roxel Marketplace on OpenSea: Buy, sell, and explore digital assets , you should be able to understand easily what I make.
Would that be something you guys would allow me to rig for decentraland?
Best regards.