Collection 'MetaTrekker' created by MetaTrekkers is ready for review!


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Hello Wearable Committee!
Please do not review this collection FOR NOW.
We are still working on this collection and we wish to pre-pay for the publication now.

We will message back the assigned committee once the collection is up for review!

Thank you,
MetaTrekkers Team

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hi @theankou , this collection is now ready for review. Thank you!

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add this categories to hiding list:

  • eyewear
  • helmet
  • mask

@theankou hello! these categories have been hidden already. Thank you

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Thank you, I will check collection today !

collection approved!

@theankou In light of @Yannakis disabling one of the Tesla bot skins due to IP reasons pending clarification from the legal team, I feel it’s only right that this wearable also gets the same treatment. Source: Collection 'trekkers' created by MetaTrekkers is ready for review! - #25 by Yannakis


Hi! I’m not sure about disabling this collection, it doesnt look exactly the same as Elon Musk “avatar”

so if I grabbed the mesh for one of these Tesla bot reskins, replaced the MetaTrekkers logo, and slightly changed the colors around… would you approve it?