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Neobike by NeoCyber.eth

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Neobike by NeoCyber.eth

  • Description: First ever Decentraland vespa scooter
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: skin

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yoooo this is soo fire!!! absolutely need this

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This is so cool! I love it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Amazing work!! Can’t wait to see it on DCL! :pleading_face:

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Very Nice! Cool Bike!

Maaan, this is cool and well done.

Perfect for commuting to pick up my daily espresso ~ beep beep ~ outta my way!

OMG this is so cool…an iconic vehicle needs to be approved ASAP! What a joy it will be to see this cruising around DCL! Just WOW!

Thats so briliant ! Finally get a vehicle with smooth movement !

this is very amazing! i can’t wait for it! please let me win on twitter :stuck_out_tongue:

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@neocyber Nice idea!

I too have created a hoverbike, and I evaluated the Vespa as my first idea, but I abandoned it because I believe there may be an IP infringement.

However, it is only a friendly warning (I’m not on the committee, to be clear), because when we publish an item, we accept to take responsibility for what we are publishing, so the risk is that someone in the future may come and ask for the bill. That would be a big problem!

In any case, I can’t wait for our items to be published so we can do some races together! :slight_smile:

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Checking this out now!

Great wearable! Super fun!

Right now its almost a 1000 tris over the limit for a skin. Would you mind doing a pass and reduce the tri count as much as you can without losing too much detail?



@grimey the changes have been made

hey @grimey any idea when this one will get a re-review? Triangle limit is fully contained now :slight_smile:

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@grimey any word on this wearable, the changes have been made?

is the limit for 4k?

[In the case of skin wearable, the amount of tris allowed are 5k and 5 textures.]
x,y,z dimensions limit.(Creating Wearables | Decentraland


@michi, @grimey seems to be AFK or something…can I get a review of this one ASAP please? It’s been quite a while now

Hey! Thanks for the message and super sorry I missed this, I think was just after I jumped off haha
I’ll ping @grimey now to check this out and if nothing I can re-review ~

Wow @neocyber - What an amazing design. This will save me from walking all over Decentraland. An innovative design.

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