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Fairy Little Waifumon

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Fairy Little Waifumon Pet


Waifumon Fairy Earring Wearable - Aaron Leupp

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  1. Description of the Collection: They will be Earrings that come with a little Waifumon Fairy friend that flies next to your shoulder. They will come in three glowing lights 1. light blue (rare) 2. pink (common) and 3. dark purple (legendary) to represent the levels of rarity in the Waifumon NFT collection
  2. They will be small sliver hoop Earrings with the Fairy floating just like the amazing 3D ape with jetpack, Mease’s machine owls and the floating robots!
  3. It is me and the castle crew team behind and
  4. The purpose will be to sell. We give some away at events for promotion (the pink ones) as well as the blue and purple ones to our rare skin Waifumon NFT holders but the rest we would like to sell.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to any changes we need to make to make this a reality!

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Taking a look now, thanks for the notes in advance! :slight_smile:

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Also it is suppose to glow the light blue color like my other wearables I bought from everyone else here. If what I did is wrong totally cool and let me know what I must do to update since I know I am newbie lol.

of course! thank you as well. I read the post you guys did and copy and pasted the outline in hope it helps.

Same light blue as my shoe laces and (headband / sword) if that makes sense lol

@AaronLeupp Hey, so I’ve taken a look and first of all, it looks rad! However I found a couple of things that need changing up;

  • The texture/material counts seem excessive for the design so if you can somehow get the textures down to two + materials down to two, that’d be awesome! (Look into SuperPNG photoshop plugin, it’s free and you can save alpha channel into .png export, then use the alpha as opacity mask in blender material for .glb export)

  • The classification of ‘earring’ needs the item to have something in the ways of a visual earring alongside the pet. Otherwise it is misleading but from what you’ve written, you intend to add earring geometry?

Looking forward to hearing from you! Cheers!

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yesss! thank you on it now.

also sorry is there a way to see the glow? since I can’t see it in blender.

Hey @AaronLeupp, yeah if you want to see it ingame you have to go here;


Then change the wallet network to ‘Ropsten’ :slight_smile:

This will help you iterate the emissive map levels for the desired results :raised_hands:


I could be doing something wrong but we tested the “Ropsten” and they never loaded

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Just tryin to test if the Fairy glows like we made in blender. Since When we transfer it to decentraland it looks only blue not glowing white light blue etc. However we did make all changes you guys requested as well as including the earring. thanks again!

Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 10.46.07 PM

Pasted File at November 7, 2021 11_29 AM

So def hope it glows too because other then that loving the update thanks for the pointers.

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Hi @AaronLeupp , I watched your video and it looks like you did the correct steps. Weird that it didn’t work for you :frowning:

I did a check this morning and this is how the glow is looking ingame;

Kind of washed out at the moment, so I’d recommend keep trying to get it to load in Ropsten or if that doesn’t work clear your cache and try again?

Also another note might be to make the earring a little bit bigger (not a lot) but to make it more noticeable!

When you are able to tailor the emissive glow and are happy, I think the only thing that will be needed is a clearer thumbnail. Happy to approve after that :slight_smile:

1 Like Here are the updates! Let me know if we need to make any more. Either way thank you so much for all your help!

Very nice, approved!

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Thank you for approval! I just submitted it again for updated thumbnail for approval. Thank you.

I just realized I should ask here 1st and i tested backrounds to match the rare level if that helps get approved too. thank you

Hi @AaronLeupp

With regards to the thumbnails can you keep the background transparent and the items of focus central to the image (so not have the avatar head clipping out of frame etc).

I believe the ring + fairy will be sufficient alongside the label of ‘earring’ on the marketplace for people to know what it is.

Let me know when you have updated it and I’ll approve :slight_smile: