Collection 'Exo Soldier' created by MetaParty is ready for review!

If I don’t get this in my life I’m gonna cry

I need me some gear for the revolution!

really epic! can’t wait for its release

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Wow! So cool! I need this!

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Another great piece of equipment Exo Soldier looks really cool. Please can you approve it.

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We NEED this wearable

@Rezinator Hey, cheers for reaching out, we’re all amidst onboarding new curators and a lot of work at the moment. Regards to the claims of favouritism etc I am not aware of that, I am only aware of longstanding partnership approvals who have to use the community submission pipeline but technically aren’t community submitters (Australian Open/Metaverse Festival etc…).

We are currently discussing the terms of submitting ‘guns’ joined into wearables as they technically fall under violent content etc… So there might have been a delay with this anyway (Just letting you know this could be asked to be changed when a curator starts on this). I am aware one slipped through with a gun attached to the hand already but again that will be rejected until changed if the rules based on violent content are updated etc…

We are working to improve the curation system by onboarding new curators and improving the tools, it’s sadly not an instant process, so thank you for bearing with us! If you could all please vote on the new curator proposals on the governance page that would be awesome!


@Malloy Thanks for your reply.

I’m not claiming favoritism. I understand that certain partnerships get approved quicker and rightly so. What I was stating is that I have seen wearables approved within 4 days of being submitted that are not AO MetaVerse or a longstanding partner. I was confused why this wearable was taking 14 days for a reply from any curator.

Like you said my past wearable was approved which is a more realistic gun than the one included in the ExoSoldier. So I had no reason to think it would be rejected or debated. Will my MetaSoldier wearable that is already approved, and has also been purchased by community members need to be resubmitted or can I simply change the gun to a water pistol or ray gun? Furthermore, will all swords and combat weapons now be rejected as they are violent content?

There is no curator proposal that I can see about guns joined to wearables. I will create one for the community to vote on now.

Again thank you for replying, I understand there are a ton of submissions per day and things take a while to be approved. I don’t expect it to be an instant process. Thank you for your time


@Rezinator I think there is an element of detachment from fantasy/medievil styled weapons etc…As people get shot and stabbed with knives everyday in modern relatable situations. I personally think best to keep modern weapons in these scenarios out of ‘general wearable’ circulation etc… Running around with a big glowing axe? Absolutely fine. I think it’s based on identifiable trauma triggers.

Please take the above into consideration with your proposal options so it isn’t a ‘guns - yes, guns - no’ sort of proposal :pray: Cheers!

It’s definitely worth the discussion!

The curations will be upto speed soon, onboarding is in process (proposals) and when I’m free I average 75 a day, so please bear with us!

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@Malloy I understand what you are saying. But the guns under approval right now have a large element of detachment. They are literally inspired by Call Of Duty which is extremely well known for gold guns and a exo suit. In addition you can find similar guns in GTA.

Furthermore what will happen to the Meta Soldier that people have already purchased?

@Rezinator I’m happy for it to go either way, I think a DAO proposal is good for discussion and for community to weigh in on it etc…

The difference between DCL and CoD, is people go into CoD expecting and knowing it’s about killing. DCL isn’t that vibe (could be in some experiences but it’s not what people expect from the branding etc…).

If the proposal leant in favour of not having guns/knives allowed on widely accessible wearables we’d probably disable the live versions and ask you to update the design. In which yeah a lazer gun or something exagerated would probably work a treat!

This was just a heads up incase you went onto make 100 gun oriented wearables :+1:

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@Malloy The wearable is not inflicting any violence onto any avatars or killing anything within the game? Its simply attached to the wearable. I would understand if it was able to shoot or was related to a historical tragedy. But like I said the wearables to me are very gamified and like you said come with an element of detachment due to similar guns being found in many games not just CoD or GTA.

Does this also mean DCL does not welcome first person shooter games being implemented onto land?

Furthermore am I able to make edits to the Meta Soldier now so it is not rejected?

I get your point but it ignores the fact that DCL’s webpage shows no guns at all in it’s branding of what it is about, as CoD/GTA have guns all over them. I’m not saying it rules out FPS at all, that is down to experiences deployed by users but as a widely available wearable etc…

I say don’t be so hasty as, if you’re putting a proposal together the results will hopefully be determined by community engagement and not incited populist votes. It is just a subject we have to take into consideration and surely you can respect that based on the former points made.

DCL isn’t CoD or GTA or offer their experiences as much as it is trivialised to a certain demographic of game user. I am just being logical here :+1:

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@malloy I am also being logical. Yes DCL does not have guns in their webpage but they have FPS within the game that are promoted on events pages and have been retweeted by the official DCL twitter account.

I do respect that allowing guns in wearables needed to be discussed. But I have already had a wearable approved with a gun. Meaning I already thought the curators had discussed guns. I have submitted another wearable with more gamified and detached guns and it is now being flagged for a DAO proposal meaning I will either have to change the wearable now or wait additional time for the proposal to be voted on. This is what I am confused about

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@Rezinator I do believe it was still under discussion, even post approval :sweat_smile: (Personally I’d have brought it up for discussion, before approving it to avoid this kind of dynamic).I think a proposal in the DAO is a good thing for this tbh! Let me know if you’ll take it further and create a proposal, or I’ll happily whip one up for this :raised_hands:

Its available to vote upon now!

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@Rezinator Thank you kindly! I shall spread the word

Appreciate you a lot, thank you for your time!

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Wow ! Nice wearable !

@malloy If I want to change it to a lazer gun or water pistol would it get approved or would I have to wait for the outcome of this proposal.