Collection 'Bullish III' created by Yasuke#a8f7 is ready for review!

Bullish III

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Gold Edition Bullish Sports Car


Hey Guys! I hope you like the new Bullish Sports Car. Can’t wait to see it in game.

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Wow this is amazing ! Can’t wait to use this in decentraland

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Awesome! Looking forward to wearing this in Decentraland! Love it!

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Can we see what it looks like in game? Thanks !

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Thank you guys! @CheddarQueso no only option to view for now is in the editor!

FYI: If you purchase one of the Bullish VIP Letterman jackets that’s in the marketplace now you get this car for free when approved. Only jackets #4-20 qualify for the free car.


This is a dope wearable. Super unique :heart:

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Thank you candy for be supportive!

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@AndreusAs @Sango can someone take a look at this?

Hello! Checking this out now.


Thank you @AndreusAs :pray:t4:

Looks cool ! Waiting to see how it looks in Decentraland

  1. Consider changing the size (and, as a consequence, proprotions) of the design: as of now the car is far too long and doesn’t fit into depth limits for such bulky objects. The limit is 1.4 m., you can find an example of similar fixes being applied to an item here: Collection 'VroomVrooms' created by NikkiFuego#442b is ready for review! - #33 by michi

  2. Avatars (both male and female) seem to be floating above the car, check out the empty space marked on the attached screenshot.

  3. You might also want to make the wheels touch the ground by making them round and pushing the model a little bit lower. It also wouldn’t hurt to play with skinning thus making the design look steadier while avatar is moving or performing other actions. As of now, it wobbles left and right, and it looks a little bit out of place considering it’s not a flying car design.


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Thank you! I will get it fixed.

@AndreusAs can you check it now?

Any updates on this wearable?


Consider making those wheels round and working out these parts (marked on the attached screenshot) to be round, too. Right now the models looks like it was shrinked via only one axis.

With this change it will look pretty stylized.

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@AndreusAs I will fix the wheel but I don’t want the car to be any smaller, are you saying the depth still doesn’t meet requirements? I’m a little confused on the statement about it only being shrunk on one axis.