Collection 'Bullish III' created by Yasuke#a8f7 is ready for review!

It meets the depth requirments, I’m only saying, that it’s proportions don’t seem right because of the wheels (and wheel “plugs”) not being round, which clearly suggests the model has been shrinked by only one axis, which is not looking neat. It’s not a statement, that promotes any other issues :slight_smile:

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@AndreusAs Ok thank you for your help. I will make changes now

Hey @AndreusAs I have made adjustments. Thank you again!

There might have been a misunderstanding, but the wheels are not round still. What I meant was making them circular, the way shown on the attached screenshot.



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@AndreusAs Im ok with how the wheels are now. It gives the design an abstract approach. If there isn’t anymore issues I would like to be approved now😁. Thanks for your help.

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I like the way you abstracted the wheels, gives a futuristic perception of the car as well, as if the vehicle is hovering! :smiley:

Can’t wait to add it to my collectibles!

Hey! Collection approved.