Blender Material Settings

I am having texture/material color problems. Everything seems good in the Blender but when I import wearable inside decentraland, it looks dark. What is the best material setting when we export the model from Blender? Is there any Blender material settings suggestion?

It seems it’s all default settings, right?

Do you have a screenshot? Is it a glowing, light emitting object? Did you calculate the normals? In general, the standard glTF export settings are ok, I delete all other objects like cameras and lights before export or hide them and select “Limit to Visible Objects”. You can check your Model with the Windows built-in 3D viewer or Babylon before uploading:

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Yes, use default setting unless you known what your doing.
However if you are trying to make an item glow that is a bit different.

Change ‘Emission Strength’ for glow

You can actually test the Emission strength in Blender when you set the Emission strength to a value of about 32.0 and render the scene with bloom in Eevee. But don’t forget to set it back - 1.0 is veeeery bright and 0.5 is ok for most cases.

I use 0.5-0.3 for emission. over 0.5 is to high I think