A better way to describe active in-world participants?

I love that DCL Events are now displayed within the Explore module while in-world. Within those listings that are active, Decentraland identifies the # of active people in a scene of a live event as “Players”. I personally do not consider DCL as a “game”, so this term doesn’t jive with me. Additionally, from a global perspective the term “players” may mean something other than what it’s intended to.

Does anyone else share a similar POV? Would “Citizens” or something else be a more appropriate descriptor?

(also, while we’re on the subject - perhaps separating LIVE events under a different heading than “Upcoming events” since they’re already happening and available to jump into).


Sharing the results of a Twitter Pole, created by DCL’s very own Raevyn! “Decentralanders” was the most prefered, gaining 57.6% of the vote (135 votes). Also to note, this term is currently used in MetaZoo’s Roles!