[DAO: QmUfKZT] Update the Decentraland Events landing page to categorize events

by 0x8d1bf34397d31903320ac0a8fee81b3bb7531537 (Pdub)

There should be a better way to organize current and upcoming events on the DCL landing page. I find that there is too much information for only one landing page. I suggest that we update the page to categorize events. For example, say if I wanted to just look for “Gaming” events I should be able to click a link and take me to all current and upcoming gaming events. Can do the same for other categories.

Category suggestions include:

  1. Gaming
  2. Art Exhibition
  3. Casino
  4. Music
  5. Podcast
  6. Education
  7. Town Hall
  8. NFT
  9. Religion

Those are a few to start with but can be updated over time.

  • Update the DCL Events landing page to better organize things to do
  • Leave the DCL Events landing page the same

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I know the poll already finished but love the proposal and wanted to add some suggestions for it:

  • Please allow to select multiple categories (or tags) per event.
  • Add “POAP” and “Recurring” to the list.