[DAO:f68887c] Update #2 for proposal "[resubmission] DCL-Metrics - fundamental community metrics #2"

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This month we worked on events tracking and are currently wrapping that up, although we have some additional features we would like to implement there. The same is true for worlds, however the baseline for each of these features is already implemented so we are confident we’ll have these wrapped up soon.


We fixed a long-standing but unobserved bug where visitor history in the scenes page was not rendered correctly.

External Image

External Image

We have introduced an events page with upcoming events here: https://dcl-metrics.com/events This page is still a work in progress, there will be more data here in the near future.

User’s have upcoming* events listed which they have created as well as simple event pages which correspond to them. If you know the event-id of a past event, you can also see data about it via a url in the following format:

for example: https://dcl-metrics.com/events/0fa33bef-5063-4d09-86a4-f9adfd532d33

*Note that only upcoming events are listed on the users page - this is due to the way the DCL events API works currently. we can only fetch upcoming events (or all, but in a disorganized way), not events by user or by date. However, we are working on a pull request to the events API so that we can fetch the data we need.


As mentioned above, the DCL events API isn’t suited to fetching the data we need to pull, so this has slowed us down, but we’re working on a pull request to fetch the data we need.

Next steps

We’ll finish up our planned Events and Worlds features in the next month or so as well as begin working on our roadmap for Q2.

Additional notes and links

we haven’t pulled anything from the vesting contract yet.

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