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We are excited to inaugurate the third round of RFI submissions, as part of the established RFI Procedure.

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L2 Wearables Metrics

Nikki Fuego


Introduction: Discussions around VP distribution has led to multiple inquiries about how many L2 wearables exist to determine how much new VP would be introduced if a new system was proposed. For example, if the DAO decided to award VP for each wearable published, wearable purchased, etc how much VP would that introduce to the ecosystem?

Specific questions:

  1. How many L2 creators? (Unique wallets that have published at least 1 wearable)
  2. How many unique L2 wearables exist? (Total different wearables)
  3. How many L2 wearables have been minted? (Primary mints only. Whether they were paid or free mints)
  4. How many L2 wearables were published at the 500 MANA publishing fee rate?
  5. How many L2 wearables were published at the $150 USD publishing fee rate?
  6. How many L2 wearables have been published so far at the $100 USD publishing fee rate?
  7. How much total MANA has been used to publish wearables?
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  1. Company verification badge on X for Decentraland profile

  2. Name: Huepow

  3. Categories: Marketing, Metrics, Platform

  4. Introduction

Based on the latest data - X App is a top leading platform in the world with a traffic and
credibility (thanks to community notes system)

I think Decentraland official twitter profile supposed to have a company golden badge subscription which cost 1000$ per month and 50$ for each affected account like @DecentralandDAO , @InWorldBuilder , @MESHfair for example

You can find examples of company verification badge on these metaverse profiles on X - @TheSandboxGame , @Nifty_Island , @monaverse , @WilderWorld

Visibility and Trust

Without company subscription - Less visible and lower trust

With subscription - Higher visibility and trust among users

“Imagine playing hide and seek. Without verification, you’re harder to find. With it, you’re in a special spot where everyone can see you and knows you’re in a game.”

Affiliate Accounts

Without company subscription - No specific benefits

With a company subscription - $50 per month for each affiliate account, with verification

“We can think of DCL main account as our home and affiliate accounts as our friends’ houses like @DecentralandDAO, @InWorldBuilder or @MESHfair account. With verification, our friends’ houses get a special badge that shows they’re part of Decentraland company and affilieted with”

Influence on Platform Algorithms

Without company subscription - Standard algorithmic treatment like to everyone else with 8$ - 20$ basic subscription

With a company subscription - Prioritised algorithmic treatment

“Without company verification, X treats DCL profile like everyone else. With it, X might give to DCL profile a secret boost that makes it more noticeable + to affilieted once as well”

Brand Protection

Without company subscription - Less protection against impersonation

With a company subscription - Increased protection against impersonation and fraud

"“Without verification, it’s easier for someone to pretend they’re you, new users are on target, especially on hype era! With golden verification, it’s like having an X bodyguard that helps keep bots, scammers and fakers away.”

  1. General questions: Will foundation budget for this expense in the future?

  2. Specific questions: Foundation having a plans to upgrade in a specific month?

  3. Supporting documentation:

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4th Round of Submissions - CLOSED.

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Here are the latest numbers around the number of creators and creations in the Marketplace. The team created this data report showcasing the on chain data. https://dune.com/decentraland_data/dcl-polygon-creators

  1. Unique L2 Creators: 1,612
  2. Unique L2 items: 10,480
  3. Unique L2 Items Minted: 4,942,834
  4. L2 Wearables published when the fee was between 0 MANA and 150 MANA: 5495 items
  5. L2 Wearables published when the fee was between 151 MANA and 250 MANA: 2283 items
  6. L2 Wearables published when the fee was between 251 MANA and 500 MANA: 2665 items
  7. Total Creations Fee (Publishing Fee) in MANA for L2 Wearables: 2,152,180 MANA
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Yes, agreed! We are going through the process of upgrading to a verified X account now and have accounted for this expense on the Foundation side. The good news is that they are now offering advertising credits which we will use to expand the reach of our content.

While it is a big expense, we understand the value it can provide to the brand and the community to have a Verified Profile. As of now the plan would be to invite the DAO to be an affiliate once we have access.