Why is it that my scene is not refreshing after import in the builder?

Please help…the project edited in the SDK won’t show its changes in the builder:

I followed the following steps:
Created a project in the builder, imported a model and several NFT frames from the asset ​gallery.
Downloaded the project.
Opened the project in the SDK just moved and aligned the NFT frames and changed their links. Changes are saved.
Then I zipped the project.
When the scene is imported to the builder, it will still show the older scene without any changes, alltough in the file “game.ts”, the changes are visible.

Am I missing something? I have been looking for a while in the documentation but I couldn’t find any information related.


Although it’s possible to create a scene in the builder and then export it to work on it with the SDK, the opposite flow is not supported. The importer of the builder can’t interpret something that wasn’t created using the builder. In fact, when importing it completely ignores the game.ts file, and instead only reads other files that were generated by the builder, that follow a very fixed format. Making the builder interpret any freely written code in typescript would be a pretty big project to undertake I’m afraid.

So for now, I advise you try to do all you can on the builder and only then export to work on it with the SDK.

Hi there, very sorry for the late response… thank you so much for the advice. I have found some instructional videos that I will follow to learn more deeply about it. So you mean that everything that I create in the SDK won’t show up correctly in the editor? I guess the only way to share this space, for example, with another person is by deploying the project through the SDK to Decentraland?

yes, I’m afraid that means that nothing that you create with the SDK can be shown in the Builder

If you want to share your creations with others without deploying, there is another option. You can export the scene and upload it to Vercel or some other free hosting, and share the link to that. The scene then loads as a single-player experience, just like it would be in preview.

Great! That’s a very nice workaround. I have more a designer background, that’s why I get sometimes very lost in this. But it is still understandable and your support makes it a lot easier. Thank you!!