Wearable Set Presets

What I really miss in DCL is that I can’t change my complete outfit in single click (except with a skin). You always must add each wearable over and over again to redress for another scene. For example when switching between Dice Masters to Butterfly Prawn and back again you need totally different wearables to get the ingame bonuses. Then for the next party location you need to redress again. And start over again, day by day.

It gets even worse when you have 500+ wearables and need to search for a specific wearable over and over again in your backpack. This costs time, a lot of bandwidth, can be avoided with a small addition to the existing interface and can lead to a much better ingame experience.

A solution could be adding some kind of presets to the backpack where you can use slots with predefined wearables you’ve added before - and with a single click apply them to your avatar. Also separate slots for different “emote sets” could be added as with the recent “emote inflation” I’ve started to lose survey over my stuff. Maybe you could also add a watchdog function where the system can auto-assign a specific outfit when you enter a parcel (if coordinates were set as a property of the preset) to only use it there and nowhere else.

I think implementing this is not too complicated and doesn’t disturb the gameplay or other stuff. It’s just an improvement to the already existing user interface (just add a new Tab beside Avatar and Emotes and put the set system there).

What do you think?


That’s a great idea, having predefined looks grouped and easy to change with a single-click would help when going into a party, playing a game or taking a picture with friends.


Brilliant Idea !!! Keep Building Metatiger


Exactly what we need, we need a loadout preset’s for each scene so we can change outfits with one click, Also we need a favourites/scene bookmark section list so we can go and find your favourite scene all under one page so it’s quick and easy to find and teleport too. These 2 implementations would make the daily grind sooooo much easier!.


Great idea, quick swap to get your favorite looks for each occasion!

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Oh yes, and bookmarks for my fav locations is a great idea, too! I could use browser booksmarks, too but ingame saves more time.

Maybe even “shared bookmarks” that you can send to other players somehow or at least make your list public in your avatar profile. But thats optional.

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Please god yes to presets


I agree 100% Metatiger !
i think we need some custom avatar settings !