Improving Search among Collectibles

Hello Fam
As you know, wearables are mixed every time you enter the game. Now there are already many more games where you need to have a wearable for Bonuses in the game.
Is it possible to simplify the search for Wearables so that we have the possibility to create it as a folder. Let’s say WonderMine, and put all of Items in there. When we go to wondermine, we don’t have to look for what we need for the game from Wearables because everything is already inside. Or let’s say Butterfly Prawn, we always have to change things. If we had the possibility to put them in one folder, everything would be in one place.
Imagine that you have just started the game. You manage to pick up more things from more games, when you go in again the next day, you don’t know which wearable is for where. And as Decentraland expands its offerings, it might not be a bad idea to start simplifying things that will be more complicated in the future. Or another possibility is that all games automatically recognize the wallet and immediately add all the bonuses when you enter them. Then we don’t even have to look for which wearable goes where.

So much for me, I’m just curious what other people think about this. Because it’s already starting to bother me :slight_smile:

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Your Scar


This is so important, many times its already a serious hassle shuffling through 100s of wearables and finding the right on. very important to get them organised.
Good initiative scarCryptoface.

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Thank you. But looks like not many interested in this idea. So I think I am alone in this with you.
Appreciate your support

Where should I post so I get some reaction?

there is currently a prop about making preset outfits.

I’m confident lots of people agree that the backpack isn’t well designed for high volumes of wearables

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Well for now I don’t see any news about this update too make Wearables more easier too find. Or Decentraland isn’t planning too grow any more? Always same people everywhere. So you waiting much more people or you just Ignoring this msg.

Thank you