W250 - Cx3 (Crypto Conference Classics)

  1. Description of the Collection

Cx3 (Crypto Conference Classics) is a timeless collection of fashion and accessories made famous during the last seven years of crypto conferences. Our team has attended ~150 conferences since the seminal Bitcoin Foundation Conference in May 2013. One of the most entertaining aspects of attending these events is collecting crypto swag and observing what crypto folks are wearing.

  1. Design Concepts

Please provide design concepts for each of the wearables that will be included in your collection, adding the category of each wearable (upper_body, hat, etc …). If you are not able to provide any design concept yet, please provide references that are close to the final design.

The 6 wearables in our collection are as follows:

  1. Vitalik’s cat bag

We first saw Vitalik with his cat bag in 2016 at Devcon 2 in Shanghai and it has become an instant decentralized classic since then. Vitalik zoomed in and out of various rooms at the event with his cat bag by his side at all times.

  1. Sergey’s checkered shirt

We first met Sergey in the Spring of 2017 and we were struck by his down to earth lumberjack look which was a refreshing change from the Patagonia tops every other person wore at that time in San Francisco. We shared with Sergey our inability to understand what he was doing with Smartcontracts.com (the name was Chainlink by then) and while we continue to regret not having bought any LINK tokens, we are not aware of him wearing anything other than his checkered shirt(s) since that day.

  1. Make Bitcoin Great Again hat

Samson Mow introduced the Make Bitcoin Great Again hat at Scaling Bitcoin 2016 in Milan, Italy, and it’s become a must have accessory for any self respecting maximalist ever since. While the event was very intimate (there probably weren’t more than 150 attendees), it wasn’t devoid of drama. Roger Ver was there with some of his team members to organize an unofficial party on the first night with the stated goal of attracting more attendees than the official event. Jihan Wu came with his wife and could be seen intently absorbing the most technical talks. But the highlight was Samson Mow distributing the Make Bitcoin Great Again hats. He only had 50 or so hats and the originals can be recognized because they have the BTCC logo embroidered in the back. BTCC (BTC China), Samson’s former employer, is a now defunct exchange.

  1. Ethereum’s genesis swag

We attended the 2014 Miami conference and saw Vitalik and his co-founding team wearing the first ever Ethereum t-shirt at the 2014 Miami conference. There have of course been many Ethereum t-shirts made since but this first one has a special place in our heart.

  1. Ameen’s Spankchain bodysuit

As blockfolio founder Ed Moncada commented on twitter, Ameen should be embarrassed of wearing those socks.

  1. Team

Please provide a clear description of the composition of your team, past work portfolio, and 3D designers involved. If you are working with an external contractor, please specify their portfolio.

We are working closely with decentral.games, one of the leading game developers on Decentraland and the creators of the Tominoya casino. We are also using the same 3D designer who made the very successful set of Decentral Games NFT wearables in late June.

  1. Purpose

The wearables will be gifted to developers developing crypto focused games to give away as prizes to incentivize participation.

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This is item 6: MakerDAO socks

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