W194 - Master ETH Suit, 'Decent Skater' shoes & 'Decent Baller' sneakers

1. Description of the Collection
The 'Master ETH’ suit was inspired by a combination of Halo’s Master Chief, Star Wars Storm Troopers, and the Ethereum logo. The ‘Decent Skater’ shoes are inspired by the popular brand- Vans. And the ‘Decent Baller’ basketball style shoes are inspired by the iconic Air Jordan 1’s.

2. Design Concepts
This Camo style ‘Master ETH’ suit would be separate items of the Helmet, Upper Body Armor, Lower Body Armor, & Armored Boots. The texturing of this is still a WIP. The second one following is another option. Which ever is given the better feedback would be proposed for a wearable.

’Master ETH’ suit Storm Trooper style

The following are the ‘Decent Skater’ shoes.

The next shoe is the ‘Decent Baller’ sneakers.

Each design has been modeled and only need some minor refinements.

3. Team
I’m currently working solo. I thoroughly enjoy modeling in 3D. My mentor and supporters are Digitibles. I have a portfolio site in the process of being developed at the moment.

4. Purpose
Some of these wearables can be airdropped to the most valuable community supporters. The remainder would be made available on the Decentraland Marketplace. In relation to the ‘Master ETH’ suit, a shooter style paintball game could be developed where players would suit up and once they’ve been hit the suit can lock them in place for a couple of minutes until the paint fades away. Once a team has had all of their players locked all at once then the other team wins. Where’s a great programmer? I’ve got some ideas.

Thank You to the Decentraland Team for allowing the community to get involved in helping to bring more fun to DCL.