W182 - Steampunk Outfits!

1. Description of the Collection

Do you love the Steampunk genre? I’m creating a set of steampunk outfits for both male and female avatars!

The wearables in the collection are:

    1. Steampunk Top Hat
    1. Steampunk Goggles
    1. (male) Steampunk Jacket
    1. (female) Steampunk Corset and Bodice
    1. (male) Steampunk Jodhpur Pants
    1. (female) Steampunk Leggings
    1. Steampunk Boots

I’ve also done a more colorful set of textures for the hat and shirt/jacket. Let me know if you prefer this one:

The items for females are unique designs of their own, and not just variants of the male wearables.

I am still deciding what to do for the 6th wearable item. I’m happy to hear any feedback about what you’d like to see! Please comment on this post if you have a preference.

Some options are:

  1. Alternate Hat
  2. Alternate Goggles
  3. Steampunk Skirt instead of leggings for females
  4. Clockwork Earpiece
  5. Steampunk Golden Six-Shooter Pistol (for when you can hold something in your hand)

2. Design Concepts

Most of the 3D modeling for this wearables collection is already done! I’ve had suggestions and feedback from the Decentraland design team and the WonderZone team along the way.

The images here show the actual models and textures for the male outfit and the models for the female outfit (those textures are still being worked on).

The female wearables are still in progress. Here’s a preliminary grayscale rendering of the female Corset and Bodice, and Leggings, in combination with the boots and other accessories:

3. Team

I’m Maricela Perdomo, an experienced 3D character modeler. I have created everything from low poly, animated game characters to detailed monsters and “digital stunt double” characters for feature films. My feature film credits include Pirates of the Caribbean: World’s End, Matrix: Revolutions, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The One (Jet Li), and more.

One of my advisors on this project is Sebastian Valla, who created many existing Decentraland wearables like the Barbarian King and Suit of Wonder mythics, and the Meteor Chaser collection for WonderZone. I’m getting input and feedback from the full WonderZone team as well.

4. Purpose

These wearables are mostly designed as something fun to wear while you explore Genesis City and beyond!

The WonderZone team will also get a portion of the supply to give away for crafting and prizes in the WonderMine Crafting game.

We foresee creating some steampunk-themed scenes or maybe even games in Decentraland in the future, where these wearables will fit in perfectly.

Feedback Wanted!

I’d love to hear your comments from the community about this wearables collection so far. Specifically:

  • What should the 6th item in the collection be? (see list above)
  • Do you prefer the more traditional brown color scheme, or the brighter one (with the red shirt)?
  • For the female avatar, do you prefer the Leggings, or would you rather have a (relatively short) matching Skirt?



I like your design.

The only recommendation is the colour need to POP


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Сool idea, why he wasn’t here before) it is possible to add some mechanics to the glasses)


Looks great! :smiley:

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Thanks! I like the brighter colors too, so maybe we’ll go with that.

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Good idea – I can probably add a little detail to the glasses :slight_smile:


Hi all, I just wanted to add some images from my 3D modeling portfolio. Here are some of the models I’ve done for films, including Faith Hill (Stepford Wives), Jason Statham (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), and Jet Li (The One). And of course a spider from Matrix: Revolutions. :wink:


Hi Maricela,

for sixth item i would suggest, either a leather mask, like ex the picture

or some cool leather sp gloves like ex

wearebles set colors:

  • light brown coat with an added pocketwatch
  • lighter brown boots, as the top picture
  • dark brown hat, as top picture
  • dark borwn pants, as 2nd picture
  • googles, as second picture (might be cool in bronze or gold)
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Hi manamania,

That’s great feedback. I like the reference images you posted. I do plan to add some more metallic details to the textures to make them stand out.

A mask seems like a good idea for the 6th item. Good color suggestions too. Thanks!


I love this general concept! Super cool and I think it could be expanded upon a lot, with future iterations and trinkets. Keep up the great work!