Third Party collection Nyan Cat with URN: urn:decentraland:matic:collections-thirdparty:nyan-cat

Nyan Cat

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- Rarity: unique

Hey, can u push a small change like an additional tag or reuploading the glb?

Apologies, just saw this. I believe I’ve reuploaded it and changed it. I noticed it says:





I just want to verify this will link to Contract ID 0xB32979486938AA9694BFC898f35DBED459F44424, Token ID 1055, and not be put up for sale? Thank you

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Collection approved!

Thank you for the quick help! I went to check and see it on the drop down list, but the asset doesn’t appear in the backpack or spawn in the game

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Hm i think you have to push the ones that say ready to publish

I need to do that to make Pirate Nyan Cat appear? I wanted to test Pirate first before submitting everything else.

Id say lets try to do that if it doesnt appear. The files can be updated at any point if you notice anything you dont like even if its approved.

That’s good to know, thank you. Will work on that shortly.

Would it be possible to get assistance to have more slots added? Right now it’s given me 16, however I have about 25 characters, and would like slots for 30 for the long term future.

Is there no option to add items on the builder page?

I’m not sure if I understand, let me clarify. The max number of slots I can have right now are 16, so in its current state I don’t believe I can fully upload the entire collection of Nyan Cats into this system. I’d like to request more slots so this can be achieved.

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Let me quickly check in with the devs and get back to you on that with clear instructions!

Hey @NyanCat since the proposal was made for 17 slots that’s the maximum number of items you can upload. You have 16 slots left because you already uploaded one. To add more slots you’ll have to make another proposal.

Understood, thank you for the details.

I went in to continue work on this, but now it’s appearing again as Under Review with 2 Slots instead of 17

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Should all be synced now

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I am still seeing the same issue as earlier, where I see Nyan Cat in the Linked Wearables page, but nothing appears in the backpack or spawns in the game. I am currently at 93,-7 DG if you’d like to observe the character.
The wallet ( 0xB6218034A167f187e8AB67BF04B5B24fC280Da29 ) holds these:

I believe I understand all of this a little better and believe the issue might be that the collection name does not match the slug name of the collection.
Urn: urn:decentraland:matic:collections-thirdparty:nyan-cat:nyan-cat
Slug: nyan-cat-official
Contract ID: 0xB32979486938AA9694BFC898f35DBED459F44424

I do not have an option to edit or delete so I can start with the correct slug