Third Party collection Baby Doge with URN: urn:decentraland:matic:collections-thirdparty:baby-doge-coin

Baby Doge

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Baby Doge Suit
- Rarity: unique

Hello checking this now

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

@fabeeobreen , looks like this item might be a replica~ :v:


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Thanks for pointing this out!

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@michi @fabeeobreen It’s not a replica…we created the first Item, and submitted for approval. It was approved.

However, since then we have been added to the Third Party Registry and been approved to create Linked Wearables for our NFT collection holders.

haha sorry, I meant replica not in a negative way but more like stating a duplicate. Currently we dont accept something that has been published and approved previously as per the guidelines:

Was just flagging it for @fabeeobreen :sweat_smile:


I went ahead and removed the collection that was on the Marketplace. Are we good now?

@CryptoCurrentSea7 I will disable the “Baby Doge Army” collection before approving this one from the third party collection

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Perfect. I think i removed it as well

Ok! Just disabled the “Baby Doge Army” collection.
About " Baby Doge " :
Tech is good, i’m getting a metadata error from the editor, see image
Is that something you can address or you need dev’s support?

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Need Dev support for that…not sure what that could be. All I did was include the smart contract address for our NFT collection, added a title, and submitted.

Should be all set now

@fabeeobreen @michi let me know if there anything else we have to do?

Can you please approve this collection? There was a slight change made to the file name and it’s showing “under review” again even though it was approved before. Please let me know when this is ready once again.

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@CryptoCurrentSea7 collection approved