Sub community mod for each language channel in DCL discord

I suggest that it’s good to give a role in discord to someone who (voluntarily or with some incentives) manages in each language channel in DCL discord because it’s sometimes difficult to be managed by Mods due to language barrier especially in Asia language channel.

Actually I’m proactive in Decentraland from Korea and running korean youtube channel (6k sub.) for decentraland which is the contribution to expose decentraland to the public in korea (I believe) So I can voluntarily manage the KR language channel (provide basic info for dcl and remove spam or improper advertisement)



I am a Spanish speaker and I agree. There is a large Hispanic community in DCL and as a professional translator and interpreter I am happy to help as well.

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@Shaun, this is SO true.
I’ve been actually encouraging people with multilingual ability to use that as an entry point into the metaverse landscape to help other non-english people get in.

It’s something that is hard to put a $MANA price on for earnings but it’s such a heavy task it’s also hard to do for free. I wonder if you should set up a proposal to set up a formal Universal Support Committee that can answer questions and give support in and about DCL. This could also solve the lack of international publications and exposure into the space.
I’m like the worst at setting up proposals because there’s so much involved in translation and cultural understanding but having people nominated that can provide business support and DCL brand exposure is such a vital asset.

I’m actually disappointed I can’t nominate you for a role to be a representative for Korea!
Even a smaller grant as a temporary solution to allow you to make content for the space is really valid. (not sure but like a 5k proposal to devote a month or two)

Good luck my friend!!


Thanks for your reply, @michi Actually I voluntarily continue to make contents about decentraland in my youtube channel and help out people who’s interested in DCL.

Even though it’s not for grant or anything about financial reward, it would be nice to take title in DCL discord or DCL pfp or badge type of NFT for pride to contribute.

Have a nice day michi.

FYI, it’s my youtube channel.

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I agree it doesn’t have to be exactly a moderator to be honest, any customer/player support role could be work as a great advantage in Decentraland.