Silver badge for inactive POIs

Proposal: Add silver POI badges for inactive POIs*

Motivation: Visually communicating that a particular location is inactive without removing the POI completely.

Background: There have been a few POI removal requests lately, and there are no clear guidelines. This thread highlights the problem well, I think

Use cases: Instead of doing a full removal of a POI, if the builder of the scene at the POI is inactive (Not hosting events, for example) and the scene hasn’t been replaced with ads, a half measure of replacing the gold POI badge with a silver or gray badge (symbolic of the build’s age/retirement) could be taken. This could let people know that the scene that made the build interesting still exists, it’s just inactive.

User stories: bobbytables#d34d logged into Decentraland for the first time and figured out how to open the map. He clicked on a silver POI for a build that had not hosted any events in almost 2 years. While he was bummed that this really good looking build was “dead,” he was happy that he didn’t teleport to an ad tower.