Selling my real Lunar Moon Lot 1777 acres for LAND (or MANA)

I am selling a big piece of land on the moon which I bought in 2000 from Lunar Embassy This a cool way to symbolically trade your LAND/MANA for ownership of Moon land.

Area A-1 / Quadrant Golf, Lot 471

I bought this deed in 27-12-2000 from Lunar Embassy. This company has claimed ownership of the moon at the UN in 1980 after the UN put in the law that no country can claim ownership of the moon. Dennis M. Hope found a loophole and claimed the Moon of Earth. The ownership is controversial and made the news many times. He sold million of pieces of land even to many celebrities. Some think it is a scam, and maybe it is. I found it interesting and bought 3 lots back then. People still buy these lots as a novelty gift or just to claim land on the moon for the future (who knows what this will bring).

This offer represents 10 sercas of land on our moon, which is equal to 1777.58 acres.

Back in 2000 the lots were sold per 10 secras, nowadays the Lunar Embassy is only selling lots per 1 acre for $34,99. So this Lunar Deed has a theoretical value of $62.197,52.

You can subdivide the lot in maximum 10 pieces, according to Bill of Rights. The lot is named “Doarla @ the moon” by myself and my friend. This is transferable on your name.

I am selling one of my three Lunar Deeds. I want to keep two for myself for the future. Who knows what the future will bring in the space race, besides that it’s a cool novelty gift.

You can buy my Lunar Deed for 1 LAND or 5000 MANA. This includes:

  • Lunar Deed (A3 size, signed)
  • Lunar Map (A3 size)
  • Lunar Constitution Bill of Rights (A3 size, signed)
  • The short story:”You own what?”
  • Copy of the original Declaration of Ownership filed with the United Nations general Assembly

The location of this lot 471:

Latitude 60º - 64º N, Longitude 66º - 70º W

The property is located 22 squares south and 9 squares east of the extreme northwest corner of the Lunar chart.

I will send you the Lunar Deeds by courier for free.

You can contact me for more information by sending me a personal message.

Kind regards,


I have some magic beans I am willing to trade for either LAND, MANA OR a Lunar Moon Lot.

Please let me know if anyone is interested.


Yes, it’s surely controversial. I understand that. But as curious as I was, I bought some moon land 23 years ago.

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I sold this one. Please close the topic.