Reviewer is unactive and not responding

I had posted a wearable some time ago and it got reviewed and approved, but after a day it got taken offline with the reason being that it is a rip off from another wearable.

I had created the wearable from a base model that is used that was created by another creator that we paid to make it. Now that creator doesn’t want us to use the model anymore after a payment while we already released it and paid her lieng about sending me a ToS that she never did.

I had created the model in a real product with a friend, we only wanted a viritual version of the model aswell and this is where we paid a the graphic designer to create the base model.

I reworked that base model into a new themed model and now she doesn’t want us to release it.
I provided the following evidence on the forum but @AndreusAs seems very inactive on this forum post.