Preview server isn't running - What am I missing?

Hi, everyone!
I’ve installed the latest version of the Node.js, I’ve installed the CLI, created a new folder, initialized a new scene in this folder (everything fine, all files are there), but when I run it (dcl start), it start to check the libraries, build the application, and even say “Preview Server is now Running”, BUT nothing actually happen.

The browser doesn’t open, and I can’t see my scene. I tried running on desktop (Launcher) as well, but nothing happen too. Here is a screenshot of my terminal.

As you can see the labels [“Available on” & “Details”] are empty, where was supposed to be the actual links to open it (I think so).

Something is not correct, what am I missing ?

I’ve just downgraded the Node.js from version 18.1.0 to 16.15.0 and it is running fine now!