I sent MANA from Binance via BSC to NEXO - Tokens Lost?


I bought MANA Tokens on Binance and sent them via BSC to NEXO, where they never arrived. So I contacted NEXO support for help and this is what they answered me:

"Unfortunately, upon our review, it has been concluded that these assets were sent via the unsupported Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network to your ETH wallet and cannot be retrieved.

Furthermore, please note the BSC network is a parallel chain. However, this chain is not made to be able to successfully complete transactions to the ERC-20 network, how MANA would need to be transferred to your Nexo account. As such, it is important to make sure you always send the respective type of asset via the respective supported network. Assets transferred on BSC are considered wrapped. Kindly note that Nexo does not support wrapped coins/tokens from other chains, and transferring such assets will result in permanent loss."

According to bscscan, the tokens arrived in the correct address.

Is there any way to recover my Tokens?


Correct, most likely lost as they explained here.

Sorry this happened to you, must always check the token you are sending, where you are sending it and in which network you are sending from and to, confirming if the asset is supported how you intend to send it is very important.

Thanks for the quick reply!

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Yeah, no worries. This is where your mana is currently:

Binance support might be better to contact. It may take some time and not 100% guaranteed you’ll get these back, but you can try.