ETHDenver 2022 Art Gallery Virtual Build Sponsorship

Recap of last year’s virtual gallery in Cryptovoxels

Other examples of our virtual builds

What: Virtual Gallery Gallery + Auction at ETHDenver 2022
When: February 11th - 20th 2022
Who: IRLart, art stewards of ETHdenver since 2019


400 MANA for 2 parcels to rent for 6 months from Carl Fravel
300 MANA to add cover gas fees to add 4 contributors to both parcels
300 MANA for documentation and physical presentation at ETHDenver 2022 Art Gallery
1200 MANA as grants for 4 builders / contributors

  • Yultek, Boombox Head, Annie Stardust, Fractilians

Total requested: 2200 MANA

To be sent and redistributed by: irlart.eth


We will build out 2 rented parcels in decentraland to recreate the sports castle and highlight the art gallery. We will have a video made of the gallery to post on social media. We will share it with all of the participating artists and facilitators to promote decentraland, the auction, the artists, and ETHDenver. We will also have decentraland graphics on display around the TV that will host the video with a QR code to visit the parcels.

The call for artists for the ETHDenver 2022 Art Gallery Auction can be found here.

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We would love to see this pass! Weve been looking forward to building in Decentaland.


This is an amazing project and team would also love for all of you to support:)