[DAO: QmYzhUc] Enact the ability to dress your avatar from MarketPlace without logging into Decentraland itself (thru Inventory)

by 0x26ce3ceff8f60b40af237a2d5a11e4e81f0bc606 (Leezee)

Since Decentraland is open-source to all of Planet Ethereum and possibly beyond, you never know if - in the future - you’ll set your avatar on “AutoPilot” as it performs passive chores for you in the metaverse, possibly not actually in Decentraland itself, or in multiple worlds all at once… while still looking your best with your latest merch.

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MarketPlace or OpenSea, if poss

I don’t see how the title and description of this post are related at all tbh. How does dressing your avatar from marketplace has anything to do with doing ‘automated chores’?

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in the future you may want to buy an outfit from MarketPlace and dress it right then and there, without logging into DCL to to do it. You may be at work making a quick cop on MarketPlace. Now, you should be able to dress it from MarketPlace KNOWING that whatever your avatar is doing, whether it be PASSIVE CHORES/JOBs/WHATEVER, it is dressed how you like it.

Are you attempting to get the go ahead for automating processes or are you trying to get a dapp designed for dressing your avatar from beyond the pc? A little fuzzy on the focus here and what you’re looking to get the DAO to do for you.

Is this something you have some ideas for or is this more of a personal request for the permission to bot the game and change your look from afar?

I think every user in DCL needs login so at least the platform can trace basically.

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I guess I’m looking for more avatar control directly from Marketplace. Just trying to be future-proof. We don’t know if LAND and/or AVATARs will be in multiple places at the same time, so why not give MarketPlace the avatar setting from the jump…

and no, I have nothing to contribute but that. On my way, I go…

Enact the ability to dress your avatar from MarketPlace without logging into Decentraland itself (thru Inventory).

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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